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  1. epowetata

    West Coast University

    Hi all. I’m considering attending west coast university. I have my prerequisites completed except for the courses they require to be completed at their school. I have a previous BS degree. My GPA for prerequisites is between 2.5-3.0 GPA. Are my chances of being admitted slim? what is the admissions process like? I’ll be attending an info session that is mandatory supposedly but I wouldn’t want to waste my time going if not needed. what’s the cost if I finished my prerequisites? How is the program in general? I won’t be working while attending. ill be moving from NorCal and unfamiliar with SoCal, which is a better place to live in? Orange County, Ontario, Los Angeles??
  2. epowetata

    Brandman University ABSN Program

    Wow congrats guys. I applied so hopefully we will all be in the same cohort. If accepted, I will be moving also from Norcal. Also, what was your guys GPA range?
  3. epowetata

    Brandman University ABSN Program

    @Leocky what was your GPA range? I am considering but am afraid my GPA is not competitive! @JPT_RN wow how exciting!! thanks for the information. good luck
  4. epowetata

    Denver College of Nursing Jan 2020 Cohort

    What was your guys GPA for pre reqs when applying? Im looking into this school as well
  5. Hi All, I'm wondering if any one has heard of Brandman University. They have a new ABSN program in San Diego, CA that i'm looking into. My grades are not competitive but i want to get into my career soon. Has anyone been to this school, and if so, how did you like it? Do you think I'll be able to land a good job as an RN if I were to apply and attend? I'm nervous, since it is a new program! Such as, what if they end up closing and the degree won't be valid Thanks in advance.
  6. epowetata

    Private BSN programs? Easy admission? CA

    I'm in the same boat! I'm not sure what schools to look for. I've read negative reviews of the private schools though, however I've seen positive ones as well. I'm currently re-taking my pre-requisites
  7. epowetata

    Denver College of Nursing October 2019 Cohort

    Hi! What was your guys GPA when applying? I plan to apply but my grades are not as competitive...
  8. epowetata

    Brookline College - AZ accelerated

    I'm also interested in this information!!
  9. epowetata

    Re-taking science classes?

    yes, i was a full time student taking 15 units while working 20-30 hours a week when taking those science classes. i didnt listen when they told me it would be hard. now i'm focusing on one class at a time and working less than half of those hours. thank you so much :)
  10. epowetata

    Re-taking science classes?

    Hello, I need advice.I'm based in CA. I plan to re-take all of my science classes. Anatomy, phys, chem. I previously gotten a D in anatomy A C in physiology A D in chem first time, D second time, and C in chemistry on my 3rd try. The first two were a few years back. I suck i know. I am currently taking micro-bio for the first time and HOPING to get an A. I would have to retake CHEM to get an A, and it would be my 4th try!!!!! Anatomy and phys would be my 2nd tries. I know this sounds like a long-shot, but if I re-take the 3 science classes i've already taken and get an A, my nursing GPA will barely be at a 3.6.... I've seen some schools that allow for re-take of classes. Does it matter how many times you take it, though? I'm so scared that i'm wasting my time and won't get into any program I am looking into both RN and BSN programs. What are my chances?