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  1. bymysoul2squeeze

    DON asking me to correct her disciplinary action

    thanks everyone for your replies, i dont think it comes as a surprise that I dont work there anymore. I could not come to work without a major anxiety attack thanks to that awful DON. In the past 2-3 years they had 9 (!!) ADONs . This woman was the most abusive, condescending, belittling person I have ever had the displeasure of working with.
  2. bymysoul2squeeze

    Night Supervisors, whats your typical night like?

    Hi, I am starting a new job as a night supervisor (11 to 7) at a long term sub acute place. I used to work in long term couple of years ago but as a day shift unit manager, since then I had a job as a manager at a correctional facility for a year and as a ADON for 3 months. I would like to hear how everyone's night is like as a supervisor on 11 to 7. thanks
  3. Ok so DON wanted to write some up. She wrote the actual disciplinary action and made a mistake when describing the conduct (wrote the wrong name of the medication that the nurse gave) DON also signed the disciplinary action and handed it to the supervisor to pass onto me (ADON). She called the supervisor and told the supervisor to tell me I should error out the medication name, write the correct one and initial it and then go to the nurse and present her with it. 1. there needs to be two people to deliver the disciplinary action as per policy 2. DON already signed and dated the paper, how can I be the witness for it if she is not here? 3. I don't feel comfortable writing over her documentation with my initial and correction. Would you do it?
  4. bymysoul2squeeze

    Any Post-Masters PMHNP that starts in Spring?

  5. Hi everyone I am graduating with MSN in Nursing Education from WGU. I am looking for a PMHNP program that is online and would start in Spring, I have found a few but they start in the Fall (cant start in the Fall because we're having a baby :) Any info would be appreciated thank you
  6. Hello everyone, I had a telephone interview for a care manager position. The position is an office position mon-fri 8-430. I am not sure how the interview went, I felt it went alright. The recruiter discussed compensation at the end of the interview, and sort of "warned me" that I would be taking a significant pay cut. Which is okay, I really just want to get out of this "hands on manager" job (running Medical Department and seeing patients). From the job description it sounds a lot like case management but I was wondering if there was a difference between the two? Thank you
  7. bymysoul2squeeze

    thinking about dropping out of MSN WGU

    Hi Everyone, I need some advice. Some background about me: single mom of 1, recently bought a house, mom living with me, working full time mon-fri as a manager (24 on call) plus per diem as a charge nurse on some weekends. I started MSN in Leadership and Management at WGU and all I can think about is how much I cant stand it. I got my BSN in a brick and mortar school , worked in a few places since then and currently work as a nurse manager in corrections. I really dislike this program, and nursing management in general. I am really just doing it to have the MSN, I feel like I should further my education if I can (and I'm not sure if I can do it anymore) and maybe it would open up some doors, then I started wondering if I even want any management door to open, since I really dislake what Im doing now. I really just do it for the paycheck and to have weekends and holidays off. Overall Im just very stressed and anxious, I have been diagnosed with add and mood disorder, and I take meds for it. For some reason I just feel like if I drop out its a big failure, I always keep pushing myself. I guess I just need some advice. Should I just drop out and enjoy my new home, my 8 year old and my 2 cats and a dog or should I just suck it up for two more years and finish the MSN? I admit the idea of having an MSN gives me some kind of pride but is it worth it when Im already spread so thin?
  8. bymysoul2squeeze

    Does this sound right to you?

    I worked in corrections for a couple of years and now I work in a halfway house, which is simmilar, but I have never heard of it. If the inmates are scheduled to see the doctor they probably already saw the nurse for a sick call so you probably shouldnt give them anything per nurse protocol. I dont think it's illegal, its just like when the doctor is not there, she can do the SOAP format and relate the information to him. However, ive never heard about doing it that way
  9. bymysoul2squeeze

    I'm Not Flaky, Lazy, Or Stupid...

    Thank you for the post. I also have been diagnoses with ADHD as an adult. Ive struggled my whole life in school. I was always the smart one but the one that didnt "try" enough. I was also the troublemaker and the one that didnt pay attention. Unfortunately, back in Poland ADHD wasn't (and still isnt) well understood. I get so frustrated when people don't realize how debilitating ADHD can be. Yes, I agree that a lot of people are being misdiagnosed , but it is a true illness. I tried Adderall and flushed them down the toilet after a week, I have a substance abuse history and the psychiatrist that gave them to me must have not realized how bad it was. I was taking 60mg within few days. I shredded the Rx and flushed them down the toilet. I have tried Straterra and it worked great until it pooped out on me. Im also on Lithium for cyclothymia. Honestly, I still feel misdiagnosed. I def have ADHD , very figety, distracted, disorganized, my cuticles are raw from picking and if I dont do that then I bite my lips or inside of my mouth, low frustration tolerance, forgetting deadlines, losing stuff, difficulty waiting turn, blurring out answers, making careless mistakes.. etc etc we all know how it is.... I got a job as a manager 7 months ago and I hate it. I am in grad school, I have a 8 year old, two cats, a dog and my mom is living with me lol I do feel bad for not trying harder anymore, but this might be the best I can do. Like someone else mentioned "So you mean Im not lazy, stupid or crazy" is a very good book. It made me feel less guilty for not "giving my best." Im ver grateful for your post, its very honest and sheds light on how it is to live with ADHD. Best wishes Kasia
  10. bymysoul2squeeze

    wanting to leave after 7 months

    I know I dont want to do this anymore , but you are right, I should give them a change to fix it. I will talk to corporate soon. Right now I am trying to delegate some of the tasks to staff nurses but they are already busy as it is. The more I need to do this the more I get drustrated and postpone everything. But thats my adhd as well, procrastinating , low frustration tolerance, not being able to complete tasks. Id hate to go on medications just so I can keep this job. I am already on Lithium for cyclothymia, dont want to add stimulants to the mix. Thanks again for your reply
  11. bymysoul2squeeze

    wanting to leave after 7 months

    Hello everyone, I have been working as a nurse manager for 7 months now and every day I wish I werent. I'm supposed to work as a "hands on" manager at a halfway house. They want me doing intakes, sick calls, chronic cares as well as everything else management wise. I order supplies, do schedule, keep up with licenses of medical staff, make sure staff gets yearly education, I do the statistics of everything that goes on in medical, respond to grievances, do audits and CQIs, I'm on call 24/7 I'm supposed to do CQI studies, infection control, assist with work release and many other things. I am sure all nurse managers are busy but I feel like I am not handling this too well. I have been diagnosed with ADHD and cyclothymia and I'm having a really hard time staying motivated and on top of things. Stuff is starting to pile up and I started dreading going to work. It's not rewarding or challenging in a positive way, its just a drag and makes me hate getting up in the mornings. I have been having nightmares about work and I see my life is starting to get affected. All I have been thinking about is leaving as soon as I can, just run for the hills. The paycheck is nice and I have weekends and holidays off but I get woken up in the middle of the night when someone is calling out , or if there is an emergency. I feel like its not worth the money anymore. I am worried that my family won't understand, they are so happy that I have a "good job" they don't really want to hear me complaining about it. And on one hand I agree with them, I should just be happy to have a good job, there are so many people less fortunate than me out there. On the other hand I feel like I'm going to explode if I stay here much longer. I feel like with my ADHD this is the worst possible job I could have taken. I sit and stare at the computer for hours until I get so scared of getting in trouble and my bosses catching up with how poorly I have been doing that I finally try to do something productive. I guess my question is: Would it look really bad to leave after 7 months? I like the people I work with and I do feel bad for leaving them again, they were without a manager for a while. I also like the director of the facility and other employees I just feel like its too much and not worth the money. When I took the position they did make it clear that they wanted someone to "turn the ship around" but I dont think I'm the person to do it. Sorry this turned into a vent...
  12. bymysoul2squeeze

    has anyone changed their concentration for MSN?

    I think I know the answer already, I will change to MSN Education track , just thinking about it makes me more comfortable lol Thank you for your replies!
  13. bymysoul2squeeze

    MSN group discussion

    The MSN in Education requiers the perceptor with MSN? or both MSNs? Im in the leadership concentration and I didnt hear anything about perceptor (or is that only for capstone ) but I just started so maybe thats why
  14. bymysoul2squeeze

    bottom bunks

    Hi All, I am having an issue with my nurses giving out bottom bunk left and right , they all seem to have a pretty good idea when to give them out (musculosceletal issues, seizures etc) but a lot of times seems like they give it just in case (and I understand that no one wants to be reliable when a fall occurs) but Operations are getting very aggrivated because they only have 50% of bottom bunks and apparently we give out like 80% for new intakes My question to you is Do you have any guideliness I could adapt regarding issuing of lower bunk? At my old facility only MD/NP could order lower bunk and I'm thinking of doing that, they see all of the new intakes anyway so until then unless they have a gross dissability or seizures/ vertigo they would be on a top bunk. What do you think?
  15. bymysoul2squeeze

    has anyone changed their concentration for MSN?

    I looked at the Education curriculum and saw it had that course, which is fine once, but more of it is going to be torture lol unfortunatelly thats what Leadership and management is concerned about and all that business stuff and economics is just completely over my head. I dont think I could have picked worse major for myself. I always wanted to teach but thought the $$ would be better with Leadership and Management and I could always teach with it but I dont think I can put a price on this, I know it will be torture for me. I have my phone call with my mentor tonight and I will ask her. Thank you NC Girl BSN
  16. bymysoul2squeeze

    has anyone changed their concentration for MSN?

    thank you for your response. Did you attend WGU as well? if yes for which concentration ?

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