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I'm 20 years old and just finished Nursing school ( LVN ) .

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  1. Just got my License number !

    Why did you hate it so much ??
  2. HH for first job as an LVN ?

    I am considering HH for a first time job as a new LVN .Bad or good idea ? Thoughts anyone.... If not what would be some good first time jobs for me ? Besides a hospital . I did most my clinicals in LTC and one hospital . Thanks : D
  3. Just got my License number !

    Thank you ! I will keep everyone posted : ) I'm also thinking about ICF ?
  4. I'm a new LVN

    This seems like something I would love doing ! What does your day usually consist of ??
  5. Just got my License number !

    I'm a new nurse (LVN/ LPN ) in cali. and wondering where the least stressful place would be to work ? I'm thinking a doctor's office or a school nurse ? I don't want to work in a hospital ... Anyone have any good ideas ?
  6. I'm a community nurse now!

    How do you find a job like this ?
  7. I'm a new LVN

    How would I get into this kind of work ??