HH for first job as an LVN ?

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I am considering HH for a first time job as a new LVN .Bad or good idea ? Thoughts anyone....

If not what would be some good first time jobs for me ? Besides a hospital . I did most my clinicals in LTC and one hospital . Thanks : D

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Home health, in my opinion, would be a decent option for a new grad as long as you have an interest in the specialty and only if the HH company is willing to properly orient you to your job. I wish you the best of luck!



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Being that you are new to nursing, do you feel confident enough to work autonomously? After orientation, even though you will (should) have an RN supervisor, you will be doing home visits on your own.

I've considered doing HH as an option in a few years. I was semi-retired, in my mid 50s when I went back to school 3 yrs ago to get my LPN. I work in urgent care now, but feel woefully inadequate to deal with sick/recuperating patients. Will I be able to catch the signs of someone going sideways? What exactly is the scope of responsibility?

I am older with a mature sensibility and can handle most situations. However, in the urgent care setting, we see primarily healthy pts who are there because of a temporary condition or unfortunate event (lacerations, broken bones, rashes, UTI, URI, bronchitis, urinary retention, dehydration, SOB, etc.).

Whilst it is interesting work, I don't think I could transition easily. For that reason, I have inquired about doing per diem at the hospital's sub acute unit where I work.

In any case, I found this thread on AN. It has some nuggets.


Happy reading....and good luck. Let us know what you figure out.

BTW, can anyone comment on my thoughts? Am I off-base?



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Catch 22. I would recommend 1-2 yr of Med/Surg for a background to be a good HH nurse, but if you can't get the experience...