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  1. iwannabeaLVN

    Just started, and found out Im pregnant?!

    Thanks, everyone for your input I think Im going to tell my supervisor today, as for insurance I would be qualified August 1st ( I just started I thought Id be qualified in 3 months but I dont know why?) but right now I have Medical for prenatal care only, I worked my first 12 yesturday it was pretty good, but I hadn't eaten or had a break after my lunch break, (7 hours without eating my poor baby) but i hope I dont jinks myself so far so good with my pregnancy, not much morning sickness, mostly fatigue and back ache, well wish me luck thanks again everyone!
  2. Hi guys I recently got a job here in California, and also found out Im pregnant the same time they offered me a job, in Urgent Care. Yesturday was my first day, do you think it would be a mistake to tell my empolyer that Im pregnant right now? should I wait? Im about 8 1/2 weeks pregnant, Im scheduled for two 8 hour shifts and two 12's. Its my first job as an LVN/LPN, Im not sure what I should do???? Pls... help thanks!
  3. iwannabeaLVN

    how long to get result for nclex-pn??

    it depeds where you are, Im in california and I took it may 25th and got results on june 13..... if you have that quick result thing I think its only a few days
  4. iwannabeaLVN

    Getting the last question right.

    The last question I answered was right (i think hehe) and its what gave me that piece of hope and I passed!!!
  5. iwannabeaLVN

    I finally passed!!!

    Thanks guys now for the job hunting.......
  6. iwannabeaLVN

    I finally passed!!!

    :balloons: This is my second time taking the NCLEX PN and I passed!!!! I found out today I got my letter from pearsonvue Im in California so it felt like forever ane was an emoitional 2 weeks but I made it THANK GOD, Thanks everyone for your kind words and support especially suzzane!! whooo hooo !!! :balloons:
  7. iwannabeaLVN

    Extra materials from Hurst Review

    I know the Hurst Review is for RNs, But I called them and they said some PNs take it as well, so I'm taking them online right now, I love it, I was wondering because Im not quite through with it (just half way) Does the extra materials cost money? Because this my second time around for that NCLEX so you know I have invested a lot already........ :rotfl:
  8. iwannabeaLVN

    Feeling Stressed for the upcoming NCLEX EXAM

    Wow maybe this post is to late, but I think you go with your gut, I felt the same way did the same thing, I studied right after school for like 2-3 weeks, then I slacked off and I didnt feel ready but everyone told me you can do it... and I could have if I put more into it, but don't let me discourage you I think you know best whether you should go or not, but if you done a lot of practice questions ('cause my school test were nothing like the nclex) then I think your on the right track, Just take a deep breath and do it, its what you sacraficed all your time and effort doing, the hard parts done (school) just time to make ends meet!! Good luck and my prayers are with you!
  9. iwannabeaLVN

    Hurst Online Review...other review courses

    I'm an aspiring LVN hehe that sounds funny, and I failed my nclex-pn the first time and I was wondering do you think the Hurst Review would help me? I'm self studying and its hard, lots of distractions and so many places to go.....you know. Im struggling still with facing the fact that I didn't pass but nursing is my passion, I've wanted to become a nurse since I was a young girl, but I'm not rich, and this review is pricey so let me know? Is it really worth the price and also for LVNs?
  10. iwannabeaLVN

    Feeling Stressed for the upcoming NCLEX EXAM

    Well good luck to you, I took the NCLEX-PN on March 18th, and I didn't pass, But believe in yourself and relax before the test those are the two things I didn't do and I believe in was a big factor I crammed the night before and didn't get much sleep, I let the anxiety get the best of me and set myself up for failing. I think you should do the practice questions, and on my test I had a lot of cultural questions (which I ignored while I was studying) it was sad coz when I came home I looked at my book and it was there right in front of my face, so don't overlook anything and don't memorize learn to apply and why they apply (critical thinking!!) and prioritize (ABC's & Maslows), and my other classmates had a lot with pt & family teaching!! hope it helps, good luck I'll be crossing my fingers for you!
  11. iwannabeaLVN

    is the hurst review only for RN's

    Hi I was wondering if the hurst review also for LVN's I took my Nclex exam and received a letter that I didn't pass and I will do anything to pass, I have the Saunders comprehensive review please give me some tips. Thanks Please keep me in your prayers!
  12. iwannabeaLVN

    You think 48 hours is bad!!!

    thanks I checked nothing yet now i'm alittle worried, hmmm but thanks for your help keep me in your prayers!!
  13. iwannabeaLVN

    You think 48 hours is bad!!!

    I heard that you have to pay the board of nursing (LVN) before the even send you your license and post your results on the internet, I'm in California so I'm not sure, Its been 2 weeks today and I'm still waiting going nuts....they don't offer the telephone confirmation in california...boo!!!
  14. iwannabeaLVN

    Nclex-pn Today....omg

    I know the way you feel!! I took mine on the 18th and still no results at least you can find out on monday i'm waiting everyday for the mail but I'm sure you did good! I wish you luck, and its over with at least you did your best right, keep me posted! :)
  15. iwannabeaLVN

    I Finally Made It!

    congrats!!! :chuckle :balloons:
  16. iwannabeaLVN

    You think 48 hours is bad!!!

    It's day 11 since I've taken the NCLEX-PN and not a word yet! I'm going outta my mind I been trying to keep busy, but you can't help but wonder, worry, cry. I'm in California so it takes forever, do you guys know should I be getting it soon? Should I start stalking the mail man hehe jk! Trying to keep myself in good spirits but its hard....keep me in your prayers guys thanks! :uhoh21: