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  1. Hello, i'm dealing with an issue at my work, union often comes when meeting with HR and management, but I find that my union is not representing me well and i feel that the union rep does not have my best interest. what do i do? does anyone have any advice on who to turn to?
  2. Hello fellow nurses, I came out of school with a pretty hefty student loan debt (OSAP)... now i'm trying to pay it off but it seems like no matter how much I try to pay each month (average $800/month) I just don't seem to be making a dent. In addition to paying student loan and car loan... it feels like I've ruined by life by wanting to get higher education. I can't plan for my future as I'll just be adding more to my debt (i.e. buying a house). Feels like I'm a prisoner for wanting to better my life. Can't go on vacation. Can't volunteer oversease (who will pay for my monthly payments?). Did you have high student loans you had to repay? how long did it take to pay back? AND do you know of any student loan forgiveness programs offered to RNs in canada? OR any other advice you can offer on the topic would be greatly appreciated. sincerely, prisoner debt
  3. mariesearcy

    French resources

    Thank you. I send you you a reply to PM as well.
  4. mariesearcy

    French resources

    Hello fellow RNs and nurses alike, Moved to a small rural town a year ago after looking for hospital position in Ontario after about 2yrs after graduating. The move was the best thing carreer wise and I can't believe how much I've learned in 1 year and continue to learn every shift. I am bilingual and would like to be well rounded in my career anD right now I find my medical terminology in french is non-existante . If anyone out there has nursing resources in french and can share or where i can acquire it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
  5. mariesearcy

    Finding employment in Ontario

    Wow reading your thread I thought maybe I had written it and didn't remember .what I mean is this sounds so much like the same situation I was facing. Except at the time I had written the dreaded CRNA... omg I feel so old lol Anyhow, to solve my problem I ended up making a decision and moved to another province. You can also try rural ontario... any rural area are alwaystill looking for nurses. Good luck dear.
  6. mariesearcy

    Best job market for nursing in Canada

    Yes definitely the trick is to go rural you'll get your foot in the door and as a new grad that's what you want and need. I speak from experience . I've had to leave Ontario for Saskatchewan and never regretted it. Good luck!!
  7. Hello all, I'm looking to relocate but I want to take a position where I can get OSAP loan forgiveness. Does anyone on here know where I can find information on the locations/towns that participate in this program?
  8. mariesearcy

    Part time RN seeking Insurance advise

    I live in Ontario and I'm a member of rnao. What type of insurance am I looking at? For instance can I visit the dentist?
  9. Hello, Anyone on here aware of any volunteer/work placement opportunities overseas (maybe Europe or west Africa)? I'm interested in doing some volunteering but it would be nice if I could get a per dium of some to keep me afloat while I'm there. Does RNAO or CNO offer volunteering postings for RNs?
  10. mariesearcy

    Part time RN seeking Insurance advise

    Hello, I'm a fairly new grad(started working in '14) working casual/part time at LTCH. I don't get benefits and I was told I was suppose to get 3% in lieu of benefits but I've still to see it. I wonder if anyone knows anything about how the whole insurance thing works if your full time and if you have any advise on what I should do. I wanna make sure I'm prepared should I actually need insurance while I'm looking for a second job.
  11. mariesearcy

    Question to those who took both oiiq & crne

    So ur writing the oiiq? That's great. Are you fluent in French? After graduating I've wanted to work in Quebec but wasn't sure if I wanted to write another exam ... How is your medical terminology in French ( for assessment purpose)? Can you suggest how I can improve on my French medical terminology?
  12. mariesearcy

    Will the job market for nurses EVER improve in Canada?

    just wanted to say that after reading all the post out there saying there's no work for RNs in AB ... your post has just given me a glimpse of hope ... thanks. Hope things will change with a change in government... fingers crossed.
  13. yeah like the post before said ... you don't need a job to get a police clearance AND you get the clearance very fast as well.
  14. mariesearcy

    Looking for work in Alberta? Don't give up...

    wow thats actually very discouraging to hear i've finally made the decision to start my CARNA application in september/october with hopes of finding employment and moving out there spring 2015 ... but it seems like everyone on this site is saying the same thing, that there's work shortage out in Alberta, UNLESS you move to the Rural areas. Living in a rural area would mean additional expenses (ex. a car to/from work) ... which is my main hesitation.
  15. mariesearcy

    RN moving to Alberta ... no work in Ontario

    oh yeah for sure... i would move only after securing a position. Also, I've been reading more about the AB job market on here and to be honest I'm getting quite discouraged because everyone is saying the job market isn't any better in AB unless you move to a rural area. I wouldn't mind moving to a rural if it means i would get a f/t position and would therefore get the experience i'm looking for, but it would also mean I would have to get a vehicle... Wish i do not want...silly, i know. (i just feel cars are a luxury and at this time, i cannot afford any luxuries in my life)