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  1. Hello. I am not a citizen of Philippines but am planning on studying nursing there. I plan to apply for Bachelor of Science on Nursing degree. Would I be able to register with the nurse board after graduation? I read somewhere that foreigners are not allowed to take the nurse board exam. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply. Guess I'll pass on it :)
  3. To be honest, your preference is the last thing you should consider when it comes to new grad positions. I don't know the exact situation in your state, but anybody who is short of Australian permanent residentship or citizenship is absolutely the last to consider for new grad in NSW. That is the fact and you can't do anything about it. What you can do, however, like Butterfly_Light said, is to do your best to finish your study and make sure that you can graduate with flying colors and to make sure that you will be meeting the requirements to register after you graduate. Don't wait until the last minute to take your IELTS or OET. You can take them long before you graduate since the results are valid for two years. In the meantime, you can also try to apply for AIN for PCA positions in hospitals or aged care facilities. The relevent clinical experience will definitely help you when applying for new grad position. More importantly, it allows you to establish relationships with people who might help you when you graduate. The same principle applies to when you are on clincal placement as well. Try to know people and maintain contacts. Knowing the right people can definitely make you stand out among the other applicants when you apply for a job.
  4. They sent me an email saying that they can secure for me a RN1 position at an aged care facility but only after I pay them $4500. I'm wondering if anyone has dealt with them before. Are they legit organization? I don't mind the $4500 if they can really provide me a new grad position but it sounds a bit sketchy.
  5. HaoWu

    Nursing student could not find a job while studying ...

    For students who are studying to becoming RNs, it is expected that they possess certain understanding behind the care actions, it is a lot different from studying to be ENs or Cert III which are more practical skills focused. And from what I have heard, there are more and more science theory content added to EN courses as well. The theoratic knowledge you are studying right now come in handy once you start your transition year and working as a RN. However, like you said, it is a dilemma that our courses are very much theory and knowledge oriented that we lack the skills and technique to care for a patient. What you can do is to try and make the most of your clinical placement, and keep looking for jobs in a care facility.
  6. HaoWu

    Nursing student could not find a job while studying ...

    As a fellow international nursing student studying in NSW right now, I understand your frustration. However, I do also understand that when a facility hires you, your employer expect you to work at full capacity because he/she would have to trust you with their clients. It is reasonable that they want to hire someone with experience and essential skills instead of a student who has not gotten any clinical experience yet. I suggest you wait until you finish your first year of study. I am in my second year now and working in a local hospital as AIN. Stay positive and all will come to you in good time. Clinical placement is a great opportunity for you to experience the real world practice, so you should make the most out of it. All the best luck to you!

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