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    moving from California to Kansas City

    Where did you end up working? I moved to Missouri from Santa Clarita/Lancaster right after I graduated from nursing school in 2016. It was quite the shock!
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    Just a vent... medical vs psych

    Why is this funny? It's true, no matter if the patient comes in a "psych patient" or not. Every patient deals with the psychiatric issues of becoming hospitalized, whether it's anxiety from being hospitalized and not able to be with their family, go to work, take care of family members, depression of their disease process, confusion of hospital procedures, their privacy and modesty ultimately in the hands of others. And this is just for adults. Imagine the fear that children face while hospitalized? It's not funny at all, it's the truth.
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    Assault and Restraint in the Psychiatric Setting

    This is amazing. I am going through something similar but not exactly. I still have my job. I have no idea who to turn to for help as I am not part of a union, and since HR is the one that brought the action against me, it's not like I can go to them for help.
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    New Psych Nurse Advice

    You can also rely on coworkers for help. Sometimes particular staff members seem to upset a patient, so others step in to help de-escalate the patient. If you don't have helpful coworkers that do this, then I don't know what to tell you. My coworkers are fabulous in this way.
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    Advice for potential RN

    Absolutely. It was while I was in nursing school and my first day of my psych rotation that I absolutely knew I wanted to work in psych. The downside is now it appears that I won't get the chance to work other specialties since I have only worked psych... I have applied to other units in order to advance my career opportunities but because I am no longer a "new grad" I am not eligible to go through "new grad" training for ED/ICU. I haven't tried med-surg yet.
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    2019 Nursing Salary Survey

    Although I have a base "hourly" pay, I also get Baylor pay and I wasn't sure if I should have included the extra pay into the "hourly" rate. Does that make sense? For example, if my base pay is $20/hour for 24 hours (two-12 hour shifts) worked per week, but I get an extra 12 hours of Baylor pay, that works out to $30/hour. I answered with my base hourly rate. I hope this was okay? Like others, I am happy to be able to finally call myself an RN and am honored to be able to answer this survey. Yay!
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    Have you not been hired somewhere else because of this?
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    Where to turn for help?

    Without going into too much detail, I need help. I have been disciplined at work, and I don't know who to turn to for help. HR will be no help (since they are the ones that pursued this discipline) and I am not part of a union. I feel that contacting an attorney may be the only option I may have, I just hate that I have to do that so soon and before trying to work this out with upper management, first. So, who do nurses turn to? Thanks.
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    Eliminating the Stigma Associated with Mental Health Nursing

    I, too, went directly into psych after nursing school. I have spent the last year learning to prioritize tasks, organize my day, navigate through our EMR, build confidence in my critical thinking skills and how to work with a team from all disciplines - doctors, case managers, social workers, law enforcement, OT/PT, pharmacies, educators, dietary, etc.. Most importantly, I am constantly assessing patients for changes in behavior and condition. I have learned how to respond to patients who are not only psychotic, but also physically ill, or experiencing a manic episode...all while also tending to the needs of the other 10-16+ patients and keep others calm. I have found that I keep my own mental health in check because of the work that I do. If I'm going to talk the talk about self-care and appropriate coping skills, then I feel that I should also walk the talk. Unfortunately, the stigma does persist. During a peer interview in a different department one nurse commented that I had "only" worked psych directly out of nursing school.
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    Investigating Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

    I was first introduced to this as a nursing student in California. The doctor was familiar with the patient who had numerous hospitalizations for the same reason. I had never heard of this "downside" of cannabis before this patient, and I did read up on as much as I could (there was very little information available about it at the time.)
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    Nursing: What Did I Get Myself Into?!

    Yes. This! This is exactly me! I ended up in nursing school through some very interesting and turbulent circumstances. I even failed my first semester the first time with a 74.9% where 75% is passing. Talk about a blow to your ego, holy smokes! That set me back one and one half years as I had to remediate and then wait to get back into my program. And all of this from someone who said that she NEVER wanted to be a nurse. My first day of nursing school I introduced myself by saying "I've never wanted to be a nurse, I don't know if I want to be a nurse, but I'm here!" which, you can understand, did not make a good impression on my professor. We got over that, and one of my proudest moments was seeing her at graduation. I loved my psych rotation. During the second week of my psych clinicals I received some news that shook my personal life to the core regarding my (then) homeless 22 year old son's recent diagnosis. How in the world could I have not seen the signs that started when he was 15? How did the universe orchestrate itself so beautifully that I was IN my psych rotation right at that exact moment when I needed to be armed with the information about treating mental health patients? I don't know, but I do know that my experience in nursing school, which was the most difficult thing I have done in my life, was one of the best decisions I ever made. Like you, I know that I CAN work a med-surg floor, ICU, or any other floor that we are "supposed" to work before moving on to other units in our career. I struggle with that as I consider my options while applying for new grad programs, and I honestly haven't decided yet. I love how you thought of your scrubs as a Halloween costume! I often went into my clinical days, which were sometimes pure torture for me, telling myself that this was a live theatrical production and I was just an actress. I'm telling you, I got through nursing school no matter WHAT it took! I'm happy to see that I'm not that only one.