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  1. lmarti10

    CVVH versus CVVHD

    what is the difference?
  2. lmarti10

    A year of no clinical work?

    I am starting CRNA school in January. The first part of the schooling is all didactic and no clinical work. I am worried about losing my clinical skills being away for a year. Is a year away from patient care too long or does it quickly come back?
  3. lmarti10

    CVP/ BP and mechanical ventilation

    I work in a cardiac ICU, taking care of patients immediately post-op. my question is: if mechanical ventilation decreases venous return, why does a patient's CVP drastically go down after extubation? I've also noticed a lot of times their BP will drop as well and they will require norepi gtt.
  4. lmarti10

    UNE GEN CHEM 1 final

    Any tips for gen chem 1 final at UNE?
  5. lmarti10

    lasix and kidney injury

    Thanks so much chisca I really appreciate it
  6. lmarti10

    lasix and kidney injury

    why is it bad to give lasix when a patient has AKI? why do some physicians order it anyway?
  7. lmarti10

    Georgetown CRNA program 2016

    i doubt they would keep the application open if they weren't still accepting people
  8. lmarti10


    Did anyone here get into crna school off the waitlist or know anyone who has? Did you do anything special to stand out?
  9. lmarti10

    Georgetown CRNA program 2016

    I took general medical chemistry online through une. I recommend it! One of the current students told me it was enough to prepare her
  10. lmarti10

    Georgetown CRNA program 2016

    I found out Monday too I'm in woooo. Where did you decide to go instead?
  11. lmarti10

    Georgetown CRNA program 2016

    No word yet. Post here when you hear back!
  12. lmarti10

    questions about CRNA school

    I am planning to *hopefully* go to CRNA school next fall. I've had an interview at VCU and have two more coming up - Georgetown and University of Maryland. Does anyone out there attend these schools? input? do you feel supported by your professors if you are struggling in class or clinical? what are your options if you are struggling? Are you able to have a social life at all? Go out on a Saturday night? I am so excited to go back to school, but I have read some posts from other people about how awful CRNA school is and how some people actually wish they would fail out so they don't have to be so miserable in school - this absolutely terrifies me! I guess I am just looking for reassurance that it is possible to still enjoy life while in school and not feel like you are completely drowning. thanks for the input!
  13. lmarti10

    how important is chemistry for CRNA?

    I am very interested in CRNA school. Ive been an ICU nurse for 2.5 years now. In preparation, I signed up for an online medical biochemistry class through the university of new england.... I am in way over my head! I can't remember anything from undergrad chem, even though I got an A in the class. Im just feeling really discouraged and am tempted to drop the class. It is so hard to work and find the time to study!
  14. lmarti10

    A tracking

    Can someone please explain to me what A tracking is with a pacemaker?
  15. lmarti10

    CRNA program

    What are the top CRNA programs? What are the best ones in Florida?