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I started my LVN program the summer before my junior year in high school. I graduated nursing school about 3 months after graduating from high school! Now I'm gearing up to take the NCLEX!

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  1. jottmers1

    Macbook Pro + BSN Program?

    Let me start off by saying that I went through my LVN program WHILE I was in high school. I began the summer after my sophomore year in high school and finished the summer after my senior year in high school. It took me two years and it was extremely hard to juggle both. I took my NCLEX Monday and found out that I passed today (Thank you quick results)! As a gift to myself for the hard work and dedication that I put in to my education, I want to buy myself the newest MacBook Pro (Money isn't an object with this-so it's really not a factor). The only concern that I have with this is that I'm going to be attending Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas (Pre-Nursing and then BSN program) and from previous personal experience, a lot of CD's came with my textbooks for studying purposes. I guess what I'm trying to ask is did anyone use a MacBook Pro during college/nursing programs and have any problems with compatibility? Or any problems just in general? Thanks so much!(:
  2. I'm a newly graduated vocational nurse and was wondering if anyone has used either of these books. Which one would you recommend and why? Thanks!
  3. jottmers1

    Texas Jurisprudence Exam

    Also, I have had some people say that the total cost for the NCLEX and the jurisprudence costs $339, however, NCLEX only costs $200. Any clue where they got $339?
  4. jottmers1

    Texas Jurisprudence Exam

    Thanks! How do I go about registering with the BON? I was a part time high school, part time LVN student. Our program wasn't the best as far as organization and didn't tell us any of this. Thanks so much for your help!
  5. jottmers1

    Texas Jurisprudence Exam

    I tried that but I get an error message that states, "Login credentials do not match the information on file with the Texas Board of Nursing. Please double check your information and try again."
  6. jottmers1

    Texas Jurisprudence Exam

    I graduated from my LVN program yesterday! Our school didn't really explain any of this to us, so here goes: How and where do I register for the jurisprudence exam? Is there an additional cost aside from the cost of the NCLEX? Thanks!(: