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    Excellent idea. Thank you for your response.
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    So where to begin? I am a 25 year old working in a 15 bed general ICU. I have my BSN and have been trying to decide where to go from here. I was set on travel nursing for a year and then applying for CRNA. After shadowing a few of the CRNAs here at the hospital, I realize that while the money would be wonderful, the job was just boring. I once again started looking for other opitions. Last year my fiance was diagnosed with Stage Four Rhabdomyosarcoma with mets to the lungs. His prognosis is poor. We have started to see a severe decline in his overall health lately. Because of this I have decided it most important for me to stay in the area. We have a CRNP program close by that I could commute to. I have been shadowing a hospitalist and enjoy the work he does. (for the most part.) My question is do I jump the gun and enter into CRNP or wait and see if my goals change. I know if I take the CRNP route I want to do acute care and work in the hospital!!! I'm asking for some insite into the world of CRNP in Alabama. Things such as: are you doing the job you thought you would be doing? Are you getting to see and treat patients, or merely rounding and dictating for the MD? Are you hands on? (CVL placement, intubation, Chest tube insertion, sutures?) Are you happy with your job? Are you content with your salary? What are areas you tend to compain about? Any positives/negatives you wish to share? Thanks guys! Just looking for some input from those who know!
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    Frustrated/ Don't know what to do

    UAH uses GPA not a point system. Also must take a per HESI which almost all nursing schools in the state have started using, even Calhoun. I graduated from UAH, had a job prior to graduation, and moved up quickly at my hospital. The program was difficult at times but my teachers were also willing to work with me. Enjoyed almost all my instructors and clinical instructors. I went to the school before I applied and discussed my chances of being accepted. Sometimes it's good to go meet the people (or call) an see what they can tell you. They are pretty up front with you.
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    Doctors without borders?

    Anyone worked with doctors without borders? Looking for inside information. I have read lots of the blogs posted on their site, but I'd like to know the cons too. Has anyone gone and regretted it?
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    I have my BSN, now what?

    I have done several trip to central and South America and absolutely fell in love with it. I'm doing a trip to Romania next fall. If I could do more trips a year, I think that would satisfy me, my problem is I can't afford to volunteer that much. I've looked into disaster relief and have few friends that are involved. Trouble with that is they have yet to go anywhere and I'm also not one who would enjoy an overwhelming amount of trauma. I do enjoy providing care for my patients, but I come home very burnt out and a little ill most nights. I just want to make a change before I start hating it. Thanks for the replies. Gives me some things to think about.
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    I have my BSN, now what?

    I have been a RN, BSN for almost two years. I worked pediatrics and then transferred to a general ICU. It has always been the plan to obtain a masters. At first I thought I wanted to do CRNA. That was my reasoning for moving to an ICU. However after following the CRNAs at my hospital I'm not sure it's for me. I have been looking into CRNP, healthcare administration, and Heath informatics. I would love the opportunity to travel globally. Can anyone give me any insight to career opinions in these different fields. Something out of the box maybe? I love traveling with medical trips to forgiven countries and would like to find a career where I could do this as well. Any information would be appreciated. There is just so much out there. I just want to see who is enjoying their jobs!