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I have my BSN, now what?

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I have been a RN, BSN for almost two years. I worked pediatrics and then transferred to a general ICU. It has always been the plan to obtain a masters. At first I thought I wanted to do CRNA. That was my reasoning for moving to an ICU. However after following the CRNAs at my hospital I'm not sure it's for me. I have been looking into CRNP, healthcare administration, and Heath informatics. I would love the opportunity to travel globally. Can anyone give me any insight to career opinions in these different fields. Something out of the box maybe? I love traveling with medical trips to forgiven countries and would like to find a career where I could do this as well. Any information would be appreciated. There is just so much out there. I just want to see who is enjoying their jobs!

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So, you like the idea of traveling to other countries to work? Is this your primary goal or is it a 'nice idea' but less important than overall career growth? You may need to get some additional clarity. If you're interested in disaster relief, the clinical specialties that are most often in demand are OB and OR. It may be a good idea to talk to some disaster-relief organizations to get a better idea. I know an OR nurse who spent a couple of years working aboard a ship that was dedicated to eye surgery. She enjoyed it, but returned to the US to get married.

If you're looking at non-clinical areas in which to move your career - health informatics is a good bet in the US. Demand is increasing due to Federal Legislation pushing many different initiatives. However, those grad degrees would be MSNs with specialty focus... not NP degrees.

Honestly, the only people I (personally) know who have jobs that include international travel are in IT and work for multi-national companies. They don't see the 'glamour' - just the 20 hour flights to Mumbai... LOL

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Before you invest in a graduate education with the expectation that it would prepare you for a global career ... why not do a few volunteer trips with a charity organization? I have lots of friends who have made such trips (some with religious groups, others with secular groups). You may find that 2 weeks per year satisfies your global travel need -- and then you can focus on figuring out a career path for here in the US to make money.

If you find you really like the charity work and want to do it full time ... at least you will be meeting people in the international health field who could give you some advice on how to get into that as a full time career.


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I have done several trip to central and South America and absolutely fell in love with it. I'm doing a trip to Romania next fall. If I could do more trips a year, I think that would satisfy me, my problem is I can't afford to volunteer that much. I've looked into disaster relief and have few friends that are involved. Trouble with that is they have yet to go anywhere and I'm also not one who would enjoy an overwhelming amount of trauma. I do enjoy providing care for my patients, but I come home very burnt out and a little ill most nights. I just want to make a change before I start hating it. Thanks for the replies. Gives me some things to think about.

Be careful about connecting nursing with Informatics - 4-6 years ago there were jobs all over for RN/Informatics at the beginning of the big push design/implementation of EMR. Now they skip the RN part and just want the computer science/IT network builders. I have not seen an informatics RN job posted for a few years now.


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There's an organization called 'Doctors without Borders'. It's a humanitarian group that provides healthcare around the world. It was started by doctors but now includes all different healthcare professionals. You can google for more information. Might be something you'd be interested in. Good luck.

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Just as an fyi you can also volunteer overseas as a crna. Anesthesia is in high demand in that arena

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