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  1. Thank you all for your input. I am not looking or expecting the highest paying job. My husband makes great money so I have the freedom to be picky with what job I take. One of my professors is a surgeon and he suggested surgery. I will not work nights but weekends are fine. I believe home health would be a good option for me but with some drawbacks. one being I am terrified of dogs!!
  2. I will have a 4 year old and 6 year old when I graduate in nursing. what type of nursing jobs should I focus.on if I am wanting to be available yo drop my kids off at school and pick them up??
  3. bbsunshine

    Just started A&P1

    I just finished my 5week A&P with an A!!! I am so happy! It was really intense and fast paced. I'm starting A&P2 Monday but I heard its not as hard. I'm hoping I can pull another A!! Good luck to everyone :)
  4. bbsunshine

    Gwinnett Technical College A&P in Summer

    I am taking A&P this summer also. At my local community college. I'm nervous and would like to hear from other students that took this class in the summer. I have already started reading my A&PBook.
  5. bbsunshine

    Summer Classes

    I'm taking A&P1 and A&P2 this summer. Nervous about the crammed classes ...
  6. bbsunshine

    Any DSCC fall 2012 students?

    I'm attending dscc and plan on applying for fall 2014!
  7. bbsunshine

    Just Finished Taking the Hesi!

    I tried searching for the study guide your referring to and I'm not sure which one to get??? Helpful information by the way
  8. bbsunshine

    A&P summer classes studying ahead

    Ok thank you!!!
  9. bbsunshine

    A&P summer classes studying ahead

    I'm taking A&P 1 and 2 this summer. I must get an A in both classes to have a fighting chance in getting into the nursing program. I am already nervous about these classes. Would it be wise to start studying by purchasing the Kaplan flash cards?? I'm determined to get an A!!
  10. bbsunshine

    A&P book

    I'm taking A&P this spring and the book is $407 to buy and $192 to rent. Will I need the book after the class, like to study for the HESI exam? Or any other reasons??
  11. bbsunshine

    what classes to take...

    Thanks everyone! I didn't know If I should add in an easy elective so it would raise my GPA or if that was a waste. I Appreciate the feed backs, thanks!
  12. bbsunshine

    what classes to take...

    Ok, I am planning on taking A&P and English comp1 this semester. I have three semesters (spring '13, summer '13 and fall '13) until I am applying for the nursing program. Pre-reqs for the program are A&P, A&P2, microbiology and math for nurses. Here is my plan, Spring A&P, English Summer A&P2 Fall math for nurses and microbio Then I would take electives spring 2014 and apply for the fall program. Should I take more classes per semester for any reason?? I have 12 credit hours of electives already.
  13. bbsunshine

    nursing program with 2 little ones. realistic?

    Also I only plan on taking 2 classes per semester until the program starts. Mainly because I'm only needing A&P, microbio, A&P2, English comp and math and I have 3semesters until I am applying.
  14. bbsunshine

    nursing program with 2 little ones. realistic?

    Thanks everyone! I have 12credit hours so I will be finishing pre-reqs and applying spring of 2014!
  15. Hey everyone! I am wanting to go through the nursing program but my main concern is my family. I have a 3yr old and 10 month old. I am a sahm but I am planning on going to school this spring. I would like your input on how do-able the nursing program is with 2 small children. I know it will give my children a better future and they will also be proud. Thanks :)