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  1. I told myself I would tell everyone my story after I passed NCLEX. I started nursing school in fall of 2012. I failed my first semester of nursing school. I was SO disapointed and upset. I got depressed and didnt know what to do. I picked myself back up and took my first semester over spring of 2013. I finally graduated December of 2014. This was the HARDEST thing I had ever done in my life. I struggled to pass. I was always on the line of passing. I was always a C student. But I didnt care because all it mattered was that I passed! My class decided to take Hurst as our review. I enjoyed the way Hurst taught us and thought it was a pretty good course. We took it at the beginning of January. I got my ATT about the middle of January and immediatly signed up for NCLEX Feb. 5th. I was SO nervous. I didnt know what to expect at all. I went testing day and ended up with the HARDEST Test of my LIFE!!! I got 265 questions. I knew I failed. There was NO way I passed. I did the PVT and got the bad pop up. 48 hours later I found out I failed. I picked myself back up, again. I was determined to take my test in 45 days and PASS. I already had a job and luckily they told me they would hold my job until I passed. 45 days studying none stop. I studied the PDA book by LaCharity, Saunders CD, Exam Cram for NCLEX, and the last thing I did was the NCSBN 3 week course. The NCSBN course is what I think passed me. It helped me SO much. I also looked up ways to answer questions because I was having problems with answering questions I didnt know anything about. So I scheduled my test for March 26th. I prayed, prayed, prayed that I would be calm during this test. I cried before I went in because I had worked so hard for this and this was another $300 test. I went in very calm and took my test. I read each question literally 5 times. I was on number 73 the last time I looked up. I answered 2 more questions and it SHUT OFF! I was SOOOO happy because I knew I passed. It was literally the easiest test I ever took. I had 40 select all that apply. But, tney werent hard and I kept thinking to myself, this is GOOD because I am getting harder level questions. I tried the PVT after the test and got the GOOD pop up, I was so happy!!! I beat NCLEX in 75 questions. Later I saw my name on the BON website with a Active license :) I write all this to tell you NEVER GIVE UP!!!! You will get there, just study you butt off and pray 24-7. Without God none of this would have been possible. Below is the link I used to help me answer questions, I promise it works!!!! Test Taking Tips and Strategy to help you Pass NCLEX - NCLEX Reviewers
  2. MeagAshley

    Please help pass nclex 2nd try

    NCSBN helped me A TON!! I failed my first time and got the "good pop" up today after It shut off at 75 questions.
  3. MeagAshley

    Priority Questions, please help!

    Thanks, thats what I have been doing. Seems to help. I didn't know if there were any other resources out there.
  4. MeagAshley

    Priority Questions, please help!

    I need help with getting the "Who do you see first" questions right. Is there somewhere where I can take just these type of questions?? Please let me know, thanks!
  5. MeagAshley

    Unsure about retesting

    I failed this first time too. But I promised myself in 46 days I WILL retest. Im not giving up and neither should you. I know it can be hard with limited income but you need to make a goal in re-testing. I take mine tomorrow and I am VERY nervous. But god has a plan for me. He got me through nursing school and he will get me my RN license! DONT GIVE UP
  6. MeagAshley

    retake-hurst or ncsbn???

    I took hurst and failed at 265. I retake it again in a few weeks. I did hurst and I felt like it didnt help me prepare for the test at all. I have done the NCSBN and loved it. I wish I would have done it before. Right now im doing lots of questions out of PDA book by LaCharity, and saunders online CD rom. I can't tell you if it helped me or not yet. But, I feel alot more prepared then I did before with only doing hurst. Hope this helps.
  7. MeagAshley

    Passed Nclex RN !! Second try ;)

    I am taking mine again at the end of march. I failed first time also with 265. I bought the NCSBN and a friend gave me her ATI live review book. Do you have any pointers on what to study for priority questions? That was my weak point. Thanks for the info, makes me feel better about re-testing!
  8. MeagAshley

    Took the Nclex yesterday getting that dreadul message..

    I failed also....I will have to re-take in march too. What are you going to do different this time?
  9. MeagAshley

    Failed NCLEX first time

    I took the NCLEX a few days ago. Found out that I failed this morning. I knew I had failed after the test because I just didnt feel good about it. I got 265 questions and It was the LONGEST test of my life. I took the HURST review and I feel like it didnt help me at all. I am just wondering whats the best thing to do or who has had luck the 2nd time with what resource. Thanks!
  10. MeagAshley


    OB/Psych/Peds/Pharm are my next semester classes. If anyone has any info on how to get a head start over summer, much is appreciated!! I dont have kids so I dont have much experience or anything with OB and peds! I dont want to overwelm myself, I just want a understanding before I hit class in august... Thanks :)
  11. MeagAshley

    Help Passing Pharmacology and Fundamental 2

    Hey, our teachers gave us concept maps over pharm. If they will help you I can email them to you just let me know!! I havent took pharm yet but I am friends with people who has and they say the concept map SAVED them!!
  12. Well, I am ALMOST finished with my first semester of nursing school and I am actually passing. I have a 79.5 average. That's just my test grade average! I failed fall 2012 by 0.5 points and I retook it this semester. I am glad and stress-free with my grades. Yes, it sucks to re-take BUT I am proud of myself. So anyone who thinks they are gonna fail don't be down! Think about all the POSITIVE things! I got a new class and they are awesome. I loved my old class and still keep in touch and they help me when I need it. Its awesome having a nursing family. I couldn't imagine my life without it!! Keep me in your prayers, I have 1 more test and a final! I am excited to finish to move on to new and exciting things coming fall 2013:) Just study hard & Pray hard are you will make it through!
  13. MeagAshley

    Buy or Rent These Books

    I would buy all of them. Especially the test success,it's a great book and I would start looking at it now! There are a few chapters of how to take tests. :)
  14. MeagAshley

    Any book suggestions for new nursing students???

    Yes, Test success! It's a book full of questions for fundamentals. You need to practice critical thinking!!! Thus book helped me so much & wish someone would have told me before I started! The first pages are how to critical think & take tests! I promise it will help
  15. Thats inspiring mrsladysoul83.... Im currently on the verge of failing fundamentals. I took my final exam today, had to make a 83 to pass. Im PRAYING that I made a 83... if not I am not letting it get me down. Im gonna keep going till I reach my goal!
  16. MeagAshley

    Final Nursing Test

    Thanks guys. No we do not have access to our old tests But we do have ATI, we just took a ATI test the other day. I have books that have comprehensive tests in the back of them over the whole fundamentals. I think im going to do that and go over weak points. Thanks!