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glitterjen86 has 2 years experience as a ASN, BSN and specializes in NICU.

I am a nurse in a level IV NICU at a children's hospital in Atlanta, GA. I enjoy providing excellent developmental care, using critical thinking skills to advocate for my patients, place PIV's, and am a certified PICC RN.

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  1. glitterjen86

    What States Pay the Highest and Lowest Nursing Salaries

    So awesome! What kind of nurse are you? Is that the type of salary someone in less or nicu could get?
  2. glitterjen86

    Moving to Chattanooga this summer, good hospitals to work for?

    Hey! Erlanger is a teaching hospital affiliated with Univ of TN Chattanooga. They are a level 1 trauma with womens services and a children's hospital. Memorial is supposed to be very good, too. Parkridge is another in the area but it is not as large - it's HCA. Im mocking there soon, too. What is your area of interest?
  3. glitterjen86

    Erlanger Chattanooga New Grad

    Just wanted to start a new post for Erlanger New Grads. I have just been given an offer to work as a graduate nurse tech in the NICU at Erlanger Children's (T.C. Thompson) and I am thrilled! Looking for any advice anyone is willing to give or info to share about the hospital or the city of Chattanooga (best places to live, churches, safe vs. unsafe areas, meeting new people, hospital leadership info, etc). Thanks y'all!
  4. glitterjen86

    Gwinnett Medical Center Nurse Residency August 2014

    I think they will ask you to come back for a one on one interview if they feel you are a good fit at the open house.
  5. glitterjen86

    Memorial University Medical Center Savannah

    Is Memorial's pay competitive for RN's and new RN grads? Just curious if they pay a little more since they have a 4 year contract. Thanks!
  6. glitterjen86

    CHOA nurse residency December grads

    I heard that as well. I also read that they did not take a lot of resients the last session (I guess that was this past summer...maybe spring) so hopefully they will take a bunch of people for winter 2016.
  7. glitterjen86

    CHOA nurse residency December grads

    Do you work at CHOA now sailornurse?
  8. glitterjen86

    CHOA RN Residency 2015

    Someone started a thread for the winter 2016 residency here :) https://allnurses.com/georgia-nursing/choa-nurse-residency-1018373.html
  9. glitterjen86

    CHOA nurse residency December grads

    Hey! I applied as well. I had been checking on their website to see when the application went up and I applied Oct 1st. (I kept clicking on "new grad" postions from the webiste and it didnt lead me to the job req. I had to just search it in taleo...bummed because it went up sept 25 so I hope I'm still ok applying a few days after it opened). As of October 5, my status changed to "application under review" so we will see what happens! I would love to know if yall are applying with a BSN or ASN. I will have my ASN in December but also have a BS in business management and have been working as a student nurse for 7 months on a traum/neuro/ortho step-down floor. Is anyone familiar with their interview process?
  10. glitterjen86

    Gwinnett Medical Center Nurse Residency August 2014

    Same here. I'll be flying in from tampa.
  11. glitterjen86

    Gwinnett medical new grad residency

    That is so awesome to hear! I have been in touch with Eastside's HR and its sounds as though they will begin reaching out very soon for interviews! Which unit did you end up in? Do you commute from Atlanta? I have also applied and been invited to Gwinnett's RN Residency Open House on Oct 30. Anyone have some feedback as to how the program is going so far? I am so excited!
  12. glitterjen86

    North Fulton Hospital

    I do not work there but I received an email from their recruiting manager for the residency program. She said the application does not open up until December for the December graduates :/ Super bummed because it is so late! But, I don't know when you were looking to apply.
  13. glitterjen86

    ADN Graduating soon

    I started a page for the Eastside Medical RN Residency program: " Eastside Medical RN Residency Snellville, GA Cohort February 2016" https://allnurses.com/georgia-nursing/eastside-medical-rn-1011988.html I also graduate in December '15 and am applying to many different programs! Most of them are not open to apply until at least October. Let me know how your journey has been so far!
  14. glitterjen86

    Moving to the Duluth area.

    where are you in nursing school? I'm in my last semester too! Im getting an ASN but also have a BS in business management. I'll start my BSN when I secure a job :) do you know if the hospitals you mentioned really take ASN grads (maybe you know?) Northside and NE Ga health post that they do! I've heard they both are great hospitals.
  15. Who all has applied for the Eastside Medical Center Versant RN Residency Program in Snellville, GA for the spring cohort to start February 2016?! I have just applied today and am excited to hopefully interview! I do not know much about this specific hospital, but it is an HCA (Hospital Corporation of America). I currently work at an HCA in Florida and have had clinicals at another HCA and know how they are run. I'm also eager to learn more about the Versent program - which is apparently a great RN residency that began out of an LA children's hospital. I submitted my essay, transcripts, and recommendation letters. Does anyone one know anything else about the hospital or program? They say the residency program is new at Eastside and has just started their 2nd group of new nurses (began in jan '15). I don't know much about Snellville except that there's not much there. I would likely commute from a suburb of Atlanta or the actual city (Decatur or Midtown-ish). Am I crazy lol? Hope to to hear others weigh in!
  16. glitterjen86

    Eastside Medical Center nurse residency

    did either of you complete the interview process with Eastside and/or get the job as a RN resident? I'm applying now and would love to know how the hospital is and how the program is going. Thanks!