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AutumnLeaves MSN, RN, NP

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AutumnLeaves has 37 years experience as a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in acute care, ICU, surgery, vasc.surgery,trauma.

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  1. At the hospital that I am leaving, they give a rock to someone every month and call it "the rock solid award". Have done so for years. It's the same rock, it just gets passed back and forth.
  2. AutumnLeaves

    Got The Vaccine! Share Your Experience

    I got the Moderna vaccine on Monday @ 0800. My arm was a little tender after a couple of hours,so I took some Ibuprofen.Worked all day. By evening,my arm was swollen and painful.I felt as if I had chills and a headache all evening but no fever. Yesterday, I still felt mildly headachy and I woke up this am with a sore throat. Our weather just got very wet and cold,so sore throat may be from that. All in all, this was lots easier than the Hepatitis vaccine.I am due to be off on 1/25 when I am scheduled for my second shot. I will go in and get it.Probably will plan on hanging around at work, since I live alone.Will be interested in hearing others accounts of second shot.
  3. AutumnLeaves

    What should I wear to pick up paperwork on my day off?

    We have a hospital policy that actually states no jeans or shorts when in building. That includes ANY trip into the hospital.
  4. AutumnLeaves

    What has the ANA done for you during Covid 19?

    I have sent emails to all my state reps, the Governor and the President.I also contacted all of the local city councilors and the mayor. The only response I got was from the mayor.
  5. AutumnLeaves

    When you thought it was patients you needed to watch...

  6. AutumnLeaves


    We lost a coworker to COVID over the weekend. I am so angry that I could scream.
  7. AutumnLeaves

    Unionizing during a Pandemic – Another story from the bedside

    I also work for a govt. hospital and our union is useless. They don't help us with pay, staffing or PPE.
  8. AutumnLeaves

    Are Sanitized N95 Masks Safe for Reuse?

    That is what we are supposed to do where I work. We get one paper surgical mask a week and are only to use the N95 for aerolizing treatments/procedures. I know that some nurses wear the N95 under the paper masks in the ICU,but they have been getting into trouble for it. Our union has picketed but it does no good.
  9. I have now been voluntarily isolated from my friends since early March.My family live in other states and I haven't seen them in months. I am 63,work FT and am exposed to COVID 19 patients. I decided in March that I wasn't comfortable exposing my friends,most of whom are older than I and some have chronic conditions. So back to now. I have been musing on when it will be safe to see anyone, even at 6 feet and with masks. I have decided that it's too soon for me. Our state is opening up and I fully expect an influx of cases.I can't advise others as what to do, this is just my humble opinion.
  10. AutumnLeaves

    Exposed to patient positive with coronavirus

  11. AutumnLeaves

    Covid-19: Health Care Workers Over 60 and/or Immunocompromised

    Exactly! My non-nurse friends/family don't understand why I wouldn't quit,but they don't support me financially. I had 4 nurse/MD coworkers tell me on Friday that I shouldn't be there.I have been in health care my whole adult life and have never seen anything like this.
  12. AutumnLeaves

    Covid-19: Health Care Workers Over 60 and/or Immunocompromised

    Yes.Front lines wasn't a good term, we are ALL on the front lines in health care. My question was more about comments/opinions about whether those people should be working or staying home. I realize that most of us have no choice.
  13. Just throwing this out there for comments/opinions. Should health care workers over 60 and/or immunocompromised be working on the front lines, knowing they will be exposed?
  14. AutumnLeaves

    Who wants to hire a graduate nurse at 55?

    You might also consider the VA. It takes a long time to get a job but they do hire mature nurses.
  15. AutumnLeaves

    When Should I Retire? My Struggle

    I am in this group too. I am actually too young right now to collect SS and I need 4 more years at the VA to get enough from them to pay my insurance and have a few bucks left over. However, I AM getting tired and am having some health issues. I would like in a perfect world to find a part time job as an NP but there just aren't jobs here. I have a million plans for retirement and can't wait to start it.
  16. AutumnLeaves

    Good sources for learning how to interpret CTAs

    Sorry, left this out. I do work in an academic center and we don't have radiologists 24/7. It is often necessary for me, as the on call provider, to look at CTAs, know if there is a critical finding and report that to my surgeon. We work together then to address the problem.