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Underthemoonicp6 has 4 years experience and specializes in ICU.

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  1. Underthemoonicp6

    Yuma, Az

    I traveler I work with has been there for seasonal work and is going back this winter. She said it was a good place to work and the pay was really good.
  2. Underthemoonicp6

    First timer hoping for New Orleans

    Does anyone have insight on hospital culture in New Orleans? I've been traveling mainly between the coasts and have heard negative things about the south in general. That they abuse travelers in all ways. Can anyone confirm or reject this? Specifically Ochsner.
  3. Underthemoonicp6

    Seattle WA!

    Housing in Seattle is skyrocketing. There are a bunch of tech companies here that have internship programs so travel nurses aren't only competing with each other for short term furnished housing. I was lucky to find a month to month lease for 1050/month. I furnished it completely with free stuff on Craigslist. Just rented a uhaul one day and went around picking things up. It was a pain but I wanted to live in Capital Hill and that was my only option. When do you get here? I'm here until the end of the month. You could potentially take over my place.
  4. Underthemoonicp6

    Seattle WA!

    Yes and no. It depends on what you're into. I'm in Seattle right now on assignment and although I use my car less than in other places, I still rely on it a bit. I'm living in Capital Hill which is very walkable. If you life downtown/Belltown that's also very walkable. But I like to do a lot of hiking here (when in Rome) and obviously you need a car to get to the good hikes. Public transportation isn't bad but not great either. If you're ok with paying for an Uber or a Lyft every once in awhile you'll generally be ok but you might be slightly hindered overall.
  5. Underthemoonicp6

    Question about travel nursing

    You could take a housing stipend at any location. It's up to you to prove to the IRS you have duplicate expenses if you get audited.
  6. Underthemoonicp6

    Any companies pay for rental cars?

    Most agencies pay a travel stipend. You can use it to ship your car and then fly there. I'm sure you can negotiate a rental car into your contract but know that it's coming out of your piece of the pie and not the agency's. You'll just have a lower pay in the other parts of your contract.
  7. Underthemoonicp6

    BSN required to work in NY?

    Is this in regards to a travel position or staff? With staff positions, it is absolutely true. Even if you have a BSN and experience it is difficult to find work. However, I did my first travel assignment in the Bronx and I have an ADN. Hospitals in NY use a ton of travelers/agency. Staff was always battling the union and the hospital when I was there. They claimed that the hospitals were transitioning to all agency workers because they wouldn't have to pay pension that way. Also hadn't gotten raises in forever. My recruiter still tries to get me to go back. They are always posting. Good rate too.
  8. Underthemoonicp6

    Thinking of doing a travel assignment in Burlington, VT. Thought?

    I did an assignment in Middlebury. Unfortunately UVM wasn't posting when I went there but I lived in Burlington and made the commute. Interestingly enough I'm also in Seattle right now. There's a lot of similarities between the cities. If you love the outdoors nature of Seattle with the hiking and parks then you'll get a lot of the same in Burlington. Same thing with good restaurants. All farm to table out there. I was there during the summer and lived on Lake Champlain. Saw the sunrise and sunset over the mountains. It was beautiful. All that being said, I would not go back. 1st off it's VERY small. If you like that about a place then it may not bother you but I like to be in a bigger city with more to do. I feel like I explored everything in a short period of time and then was left without much more to do. I ended up going to Montreal twice because it was more fun. Also Burlington is very much a college town. I believe about 40,000 people and about 9 colleges. The other thing too, the people I met in Burlington were too closed-minded for my taste. I felt like I couldn't talk to anyone without getting discriminatory undertones in their conversation. Maybe I just couldn't seem to meet the right people, but in such a small place there aren't a ton of options. I had really high hopes for Burlington but in the end it was a bit of a letdown. I feel like Burlington is a great place to go vacation. Spend a week and do everything there is to do and then just move on. Just my 2 cents though.
  9. Underthemoonicp6

    is this a low ball offer?

    I have been traveling for about a year and a half now. I don't insure anyone besides myself. I missed the part about you insuring your kids. You didn't mention how many kids. Also are you insuring a SO? I guess with insuring multiple people and housing including it may not be bad. I would recommend taking a housing stipend and finding your own housing as you can make more money that way. It really comes down to what you want to get out of traveling. I travel to experience cities that are desirable to me. Sometimes I get paid higher than others but I love where I go. Others travel to make as much money as possible and wouldn't take assignments that I would. I might not take assignments that they take based on location. So if $797 a week (post housing and insuring your kids) is enough for you to pay all your bills and have some money to enjoy the area then go for it.
  10. Underthemoonicp6

    is this a low ball offer?

    I have never worked in MA but have worked in NY and VT and the Northeast I think is generally a pretty well paying area. I personally wouldn't roll out of bed for that rate but if you have good housing and you really want to go there then that's your decision. There is definitely a lot more money to be made though.
  11. Underthemoonicp6

    Can you make a living just doing strikes?

    I know the thing about working strikes is you can be waiting for a strike to happen and then it settles before it starts. You've now missed out on potential income waiting for it and it never happens. If you're not working at all though then maybe it could work for you. Have you thought of doing local per diem? Also, where do you go to find strikes? I'm interested in looking into them but don't know how to find them.
  12. Underthemoonicp6

    seattle/bellingham hospitals

    I'm currently at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue which is right across the lake from Seattle. I live in Seattle and it takes me about 15 minutes to get to work. Free parking in attached garage on nights. Also higher rate than Swedish or UW. It's not my favorite assignment in the world but it's nothing that makes it unbearable. I'm actually extended because I got a great rate on an extension and I like Seattle. They're pretty much always hiring and use several agencies.
  13. Underthemoonicp6

    Travel Nurses Who Started with less than 2 years experience

    I started traveling with a little over a year as an nurse, all in the ICU. It was difficult landing the 1st assignment but I have been traveling for a little over a year and I love it. You'll definitely be exposed to things you're not familiar with and will have to put in some extra work to learn as you go. If the thought of that scares you then maybe wait a little longer to get more experience. If you're adaptable and feel comfortable in your role, go for it. You'll never know if you're ready until you do.
  14. Underthemoonicp6

    License Reimbursement

    I'm asking for a license reimbursement from a new agency and the recruiter is giving me the "oh it wasn't put in the contract" stuff. I haven't had it put in the contract with other agencies, rather it was just part of their policy. Before I respond to her I want to get a feel from people if this is something they have in their contracts or if it's something their agency just does. Thanks.
  15. Underthemoonicp6


    Got an offer there from Medical Solutions. Seattle is a popular location and assignments go quickly.
  16. Underthemoonicp6

    Where to live in Cleveland, Ohio

    Try Gates Mills apartments in Mayfield Heights. I believe they rent furnished units.