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  1. silv27star


    Just found out I am going to start ECPI/MCI in Virginia Beach! Anyone else hear yet? Advice?? I don't currently work as I just retired from the Navy, but was seeing if I have any classmates out there that we can start up a study group thread or what not.
  2. silv27star

    ECPI VaBeach

    So did you make it to ECPI nursing Cohort???? How is it going???
  3. Taking this test on Friday, any curveballs with this exam? I have taken the practice exams, I didn't do great on them, but I feel like the material is just too easy. How wrong am I on this exam?
  4. silv27star

    Got accepted, enrolled, info lit completed!

    Neversaydiemedic, because of you, they didn't give you much of a choice when I joined the navy they just took out the $100, too many people didn't know what they were losing out on, and would never be able to get it back. Maybe you are eligible with this new GI Bill though. There is no buy in for it.
  5. silv27star

    starting again

    Ok, now I am starting this up. With work-downs and getting ready for dry dock, time has been slipping from me. I need to strap on the seat belt, and lock myself in my room. I will knock out at least one test in October if it is the end of me!!!!
  6. silv27star

    Passed the FCCA!

    Congrats!!!!!! Go forth and do great things!!!!
  7. silv27star

    Transitions Test

    What do you call a nurse with a "C" average? A nurse. Take it, and learn from it, we can't beat ourselves up too much. I failed Transitions the first time I took it in January 2013, now I am back from deployment and have only taken 1 test between then and now. I think the failing of this test really got me down. I am now scraping myself up and going to lock myself away in my tower (or I will settle for my quaint office) and study my butt off. I need to get my life together, and I can't be afraid to fail. Congrats on passing, one test down!
  8. silv27star

    starting again

    I am not boots on ground, but floating in the drink on a giant vessel. I have been studying up a storm. I luck out here because it is my Chief and myself that provide care to the 330+ on our small ship. We have aided with a few medical emergencies, and I love it. I can't wait to be a nurse and want to have my ASN not too long after RTHP. Thank you for your service to these article/website, and to our great country. I hope you are returning home soon. :)
  9. Pixie RN, as always this is a pleasure to read. I return from my deployment soon and I am excited to finish my tests, and reach it to the CPNE. Thank you for this article.
  10. silv27star

    Passed Reproductive Health!!

    Congrats! How long did it take you to get from the start to where you are now???
  11. silv27star

    Passed Transitions!!!!

  12. silv27star

    starting again

    Well, it has been a year since I started with Excelsior. It has been a while since I last posted also. A deployment got in the way. I failed my first test in January 2013 (Transitions) and passed my second (Safety) with a C. I only need the nursing classes, I am almost done with my deployment and thankful too. I can't wait to hit the pavement running with this. I have started back up studying, I brought a bunch of nursing books with me. I am on a boat so my life is consistently inconsistent. I want my ASN done by October to include the CPNE, and my goal is to Ace every other test and clinical portion. I think this is doable. I need a ton of advice, if you have it please share it. Thank you all for everything you do, I want to start this New Years off with a bang. Happy New Year you all!!!!
  13. silv27star

    Happy IBCLC day!

    Happy birthday! Oh what a world it would be without you, quite awful indeed! Thank you for all that you do!
  14. silv27star

    You See, It's Like This...

    This is a hoot. Well written!! Love it!
  15. silv27star

    Study Groups??

    I am heading up to Norfolk VA shortly. I do know some study groups through yahoo that are set up already, and are doing there thing.