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  1. nurselove757

    NP to NP , question on colleague to colleague advice

    I usually ask questions here. But no matter where you ask, you will get harassed for asking questions just like in nursing school.
  2. nurselove757

    Safety of Indian Health Reservation job?

    Yeah. If the guns don’t kill you in chicago, then a car accident will.
  3. nurselove757

    Safety of Indian Health Reservation job?

    Hello everyone, I live in Chicago, Illinois. I received a call from a recruiter who says I can get paid up to 130k + travel expense for coming home every 2 weeks and free lodging at the Indian Health Reservation. This is in North Dakota. Can anyone tell me about their experiences working as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Indian Health Reservation - particularly in North Dakota?
  4. nurselove757

    Discharge due to non-compliance?

    An issue that I’m facing is with the providers I’m working with and non-compliant patients. A few of the providers that I am working with have told me that if a patient is non-compliant and if there will be a projected complication such as a stroke or the ESRD, I should go ahead and discharge the patient from my care. The reason they say is because they are afraid that if a patient does end up having a stroke, heart attack, or death, that the provider will be liable. I’m trying to understand the situation because if I have explained everything to the patient and documented all these things, then I don’t think I should be liable for any damages that occur to the patient due to noncompliance of recommendations. Should I continue to see these patients or should I discharge them due to a fear of lawsuit in case something bad happens to them? The thing is, even if they are listening to all the recommendations, and they are doing the right things, they may still end up having a complication or death. In these situations I have not been sued. Most of my patients are geriatric patients. Many of them end up having critical conditions and also refuse to be in compliance for their care. Please shine a light on this issue
  5. nurselove757

    Home care NPs

    Likes are that you are not in the office. Only one patient at a time. If pay is per patient, you can choose how much you want to work. Dislikes: having a bad MA - then you are stuck with them in the car. Most of the patient are very complex. High rate of cancellation and therefore a lower pay check. Unable to get lab and imaging results if the 3rd party company does not send them to you. Going in bad neighborhoods - this is a given. Any other questions please ask.
  6. nurselove757

    Contract Penalty fee $30,000

    This company is part of the HRSA program, which means they will help me pay off my student loans. Some of my family members are also patients there. They seem to have a high retention rate.....but maybe for this same reason? Maybe it’s too hard to quit.....
  7. nurselove757

    Contract Penalty fee $30,000

    Hello everyone. I am still in the process of negotiating... waiting to see what happens.
  8. nurselove757

    Contract Penalty fee $30,000

    Hello everyone, I am a fairly new nurse practitioner with only two years of experience. I recently got a job offer at a company that I really like. Although I agree with most contents of the contract, there is one part that I’m very cautious of. Please look at the paragraph below. Contract states three months of notice required before I quit this job. I have been hearing that the standard is two months. Moreover, I do not like the fact that if I don’t give them a three month notice, I will end up owing them $30,000. Is this normal? I have called the human resources department and ask them to remove this monetary amount. The three month notice doesn’t bother me as much as the amount that is listed in the contract. I know I will have to give 2 to 3 months notice before I quit anyways, because if I apply to a new place it takes about 2 to 3 months to get credentialed at a new place. I know the chances of something bad happening and myself owing them $30,000 just because I walked out of the facility without giving them a 90 day notice is very less then likely. But I am just trying to protect myself and trying to understand what the industry norm is. “This Provider acknowledges that COMPANY X is relying on Provider to provide 90 days written notice of termination of the Agreement. In the event that Provider breaches this Agreement by failing to provide 90 days written notice of termination, COMPANY X will suffer substantial damages as a result. These damages include, but are not limited to, the costs of locating a replacement, the loss of services during the search for a replacement and the costs of unused facilities. Both Provider and COMPANY X agree that these damages are difficult to predict and to determine, and they have, therefore. agreed to the amount of ****Thirty Thousand Dollars ($30,000)**** as the amount of liquidated damages (not a penalty) to be paid by Provider to COMPANY X in the event that Provider fails to provide 90 days written notice of termination, as required by this Agreement.”
  9. nurselove757

    Verification of malpractice insurance by the employer

    I got a quote from Mercer. For me, malpractice ***occurence*** insurance will cost me$1300 per year starting from this point onl. It's worth it to know the difference occurence vs claims-made insurance with tail coverage added in.
  10. nurselove757

    Questions about california RN license application

    I know, I'm confused even after reading all the instructions. This information that I asked is missing. I called them plenty of times, there's a voicemail stating they are not taking any phone calls at this time.
  11. Hello, I am doing the online version of the application. I am confused whether I should apply for the finger print card first then then submit the application. Or do I submit the application and request the fingerprint card through it - and then I will receive it sometime in the mail. I do not see clear instructions on this. I live in the state of Illinois.
  12. nurselove757

    Clarification needed in renewing license vs certification

    Ok all, thank you for responding and clearing this up for me. Everyone really helped me. Thanks!!!
  13. nurselove757

    Verification of malpractice insurance by the employer

    Hi aprnkate, I had been working at this place for about a year. I kept asking them to show me proof, but they would always say that "you are covered as stated in the contract, any more information than this is confidential and against company policy." I typed in the original post a few months ago but pasted it yesterday. I no longer work there. They had me renew the malpractice insurance a few months ago and for this process, I had to fill out a form from the malpractice insurance company called Markel. I did call them and ask if I am in their system and whether I am covered or not, but they said they could not find me in their system. I quit this place about 3 months ago. Now I am worried and am debating whether I should buy tail coverage for this place, even though per contract I had tail coverage. I have only been working as an NP for a little over a year. Oh my god, I thought patient care was hard enough as a new grad, I was not expecting to deal with these kinds of things in my first year.
  14. nurselove757

    Clarification needed in renewing license vs certification

    Hello there, Thank you for responding. I still need to know whether the RN/BSN degree does or does not has a certification that needs to be renewed. I don't think there is. The reason why I am confused is because if the Family Nurse Practitioner degree has a certification from the AANP, then why does the Registered Nurse degree does not has a certification renewal process by the NCLEX?
  15. I am concerned about the malpractice insurance. Per my contract, it says that malpractice insurance will be covered. But how do I know that my employer has bought it? What if in the future after leaving this place, a lawsuit is occurring that I am involved in, and there is no malpractice insurance that was bought by the employer at the time I was working there? How can I make sure that I am covered. I hope I am making sense.
  16. I have a bachelor's in nursing and master's in nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner track in the state of Illinois. For my Nurse Practitioner license, I have to renew the license every 2 years, just like with the Registered Nurse license. What is new to me is that I also have to renew Family Nurse Practitioner "certificate" every 5 years. I want to make sure that the registered nurse license itself does not need a "certification" renewal. I never received a NCLEX certification, so I do not think that the bachelor's in nursing needs a certification renewal. Please clarify this for me.

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