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  1. NP Please help!!

    I don’t need to watch gossip girls or pretty little liars. I can just come here.
  2. Suboxone salary

    As described by the post above, You can charge more if you open up your own business. Some employers offer percentage of cuts, which can also results in a higher salary.
  3. Suboxone salary

    I heard Nurse Practitioners that prescribe suboxone have a higher salary than average. Does any one know the structure of pay for prescribing suboxone? I live in Illinois.
  4. Symptoms a disease or medication side effect?

    I am wondering whether there is a system / software / website that tells you whether a symptom that the patient is experiencing is a side effect from a medication. Some of my geriatric patients are on 15+ medications. Instead of checking the side eff...
  5. Dot and samhsa

    You are correct about both things. Department of transportation and buprenorphine license. Do I need to renew it every year or two just like my nursing licenses? If so, what do I need to do and where is that information located? Thank you for re...
  6. Dot and samhsa

    Once you receive your DOT and SAMHSA licenses, what do you need to do to maintain those licenses? I tried looking for this information but could not find it.
  7. “Have you applied somewhere else?” Interview question.

    I agree and that is why it was so weird for me. I did not get the job but even if they offered I still would have declined due to the manager’s behavior during the interview. If she is like this during the interview then while working she would be ...
  8. When you apply somewhere, why do they ask you “have you applied at other places?” One employer who was interviewing me actually got mad at me when I said yes.
  9. Indian Health Service

    You can find IHS positions at
  10. What can I do with my MSN-FNP that doesn't require much patient contact

    Surgical first assist?
  11. Where to find telemedicine jobs?

    I have. Almost all the jobs are out of state. And I also tried contacting the companies that own the major telemedicine apps like amwell, hims & hers, etc. A lot of them do not hire Nurse Practitioners.
  12. Full practice authority only bills for 85%?

    Illinois now has full practice authority with need to collaborate only for controlled substances. Yet, Nurse Practitioners can still only bill for 85% when compared to physicians. This part really gets to me. If we are diagnosing and treating the sa...
  13. Where to find telemedicine jobs?

    Every since the government has expanded telemedicine, I have been on the lookout for telemedicine jobs. However in my state I was only able to find two advertisements on job post websites. I did go to the website of many popular apps like Doctor’...
  14. NP to NP , question on colleague to colleague advice

    I usually ask questions here. But no matter where you ask, you will get harassed for asking questions just like in nursing school.
  15. Rural jobs

    I work in chicago. Sometimes I get emails with job offers in rural areas in a different state with high pay. I’m willing to travel for work as long as I can come back home on the weekends or every other weekend. What are some recruiter companies t...