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secquoria has 4 years experience as a CNA and specializes in MedSurg, Tele, ER, ICU, Float.

Caribbean transplant to the USA aspiring to the NICU

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  1. secquoria

    Where Do Minneapolis/St Paul Nurses Live?

    I've worked at two of the two of the hospitals in downtown St. Paul, after working in Baltimore, Maryland. Currently studying for my BSN at a very nearby college in St. Paul. In saying so, I've felt incredibly safe in Lowertown. My initial intention ...
  2. secquoria

    Mane with MetroState

    Good question. I am curious as well. How are you getting on at NCC? I'm interested in starting there.
  3. secquoria

    Hopeful Normandale Pre-Nursing Student! Please help!

    Did you make it into NCC? If so, how is the program going so far? Normandale is my preference school for the coming fall cycle.
  4. secquoria

    Concordia University, St. Paul, Adult BSN

    I'm considering the Adult program at Concordia. I was initially looking at the MANE program via Metro State, because of the cost. But I am discouraged by the negative reviews from students who have gotten into the BSN portion of the program at Metro....
  5. secquoria

    MCTC or Normandale?

  6. secquoria

    Minnesota Community Colleges

    I'm going to try for Century and Normandale by the February deadline. Fingers crossed.
  7. secquoria


    Consider using the success series books. Fundamentals Success has been a great way too test my retention of information. The book is filled with questions and rationales. I initially checked out a copy from the school library. Now I've decided to o...
  8. secquoria

    Student Resources: Nursing Diagnosis

    Thank you for being so thorough. Checking Amazon in this instant.
  9. secquoria

    BCCC Nursing Fall 2015

    It couldn't hurt to do so... but everyone's circumstances will be different
  10. secquoria

    BCCC Nursing Fall 2015

    The lectures are as early as 8 or 830am and future clinical at the hospital could be as early as 730am. I'm working full time so far. Friday saturday Sunday, so 36 hours full time. If it gets too hectic I'll probably drop to 24 hours. They'll discou...
  11. secquoria

    Best Places to Buy/Rent Student Books

    I was able to find my fundamentals text at the public library. I'll just have to keep extending the reservation to get through the semester. Even so, Thanks to that and a combination of the websites above. I brought my original price of $700+ down t...
  12. secquoria

    BCCC Nursing Fall 2015

    Orienting tomorrow! Here begins the journey...
  13. secquoria

    What color scrubs do you wear?

    My last job we wore any color, any print. During that time i opted to wear my own personal uniform: fuchsia scrubs. It helped my dementia patients to remember i was someone they could trust. Now, with my new company, we wear a mandated grey. I fin...
  14. secquoria

    BCCC Nursing Fall 2015

    That's right, September 10th. I'm just getting started. We basically have to take forms to the Dr, labcorp, etc..have them sign then upload the paper to certified profile, right?
  15. secquoria

    BCCC Nursing Fall 2015

    Orientation in a week and a half. .. Having luck getting everything needed for certified background?