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  1. nurse_lae2Be


    i will be taking med surg 2 and 3 this fall semester. anybody have any advice or study tips for my first senior semester. im really nervous and i want to do well in both classes! thanks :)
  2. nurse_lae2Be

    Effective note taking

    when it comes to taking notes and making an outline should you type or write? Which will take up less time but also be more effective ?
  3. nurse_lae2Be

    I start nursing school in 9 days! Any Advice?

    Read a little bit everyday and get as many helpful resources for pharmacology as you can. STAY POSITIVE í ½í¸Š
  4. nurse_lae2Be

    Half of the class fails

    my class started off with about 105 last semester and half of them dropped pharmacology.
  5. nurse_lae2Be


    it depends on your area, in Louisiana many of the job applications that i came across said must have bsn !
  6. nurse_lae2Be

    undergraduate nursing school

    im already in the nursing program, i was trying to figure out the status of the program. i hear rumors of the undergraduate program being on probation
  7. nurse_lae2Be

    undergraduate nursing school

    they previously held accreditation.
  8. nurse_lae2Be

    southern university in baton rouge

    im taking 304 & 305 fall 2015. i was wondering if you could tell me what to expect and how to prepare for this upcoming semester. im kind of nervous bc i hear it is totally different, way more difficult like a whole new world!
  9. nurse_lae2Be

    undergraduate nursing school

    what does it mean when your nursing school approval status is conditional? is it possible that the school could be put on probation, or shut down?
  10. im so happy and thankful that i passed my first semester of nursing school. it was such a different experience and i learned alot. next semester im taking my first medical surgical class and nursing research and im not sure what to expect. i hear that this semester is totally different then the semester i just completed. can anybody give me some tips, ideas, or advice on what to expect and how to prepare!?!?
  11. nurse_lae2Be

    southern university in baton rouge

    hey i was wondering if you had any tips on passing pharm. im right under a C and im just trying to make it out this class. im trying really hard but not sure what im doing wrong. any tips you have would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  12. nurse_lae2Be

    name change

    Thanks !!
  13. nurse_lae2Be

    southern university in baton rouge

    I didnt take many classes at southern bc i was a transfer student . Try using rate my professor , some instructors are listed and some are not Good luck!
  14. nurse_lae2Be

    name change

    going take care of everything today! thanks !
  15. nurse_lae2Be

    name change

    I was accepted into a bsn program in September and i got married in December. My question is once i change my last name how will that affect my student nursing number and documentation thats on file at the school. Is it a hard process dealing with name change. Im still going to use my last name which would be my middle name now. And i want my maiden name on my degree i receive once i graduate. I really dont plan to use my married name until my done with school. my husband wants me to use my married name but i dont want to go through the hassle! Oh and lets be clear this is no fraud my husband will now claim me on his taxes and i will be his dependent. My information will state that I am a married woman ! Thanks! !!!