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  1. ArieElizabeth

    Approval to Test New York

    Ok, so as of TODAY it has been ONE MONTH since I graduated nursing school and became a Graduate Practical Nurse...I am awaiting the ATT so I can schedule my NCLEX exam. I have not heard anything on this. I have landed a job as an EMT/LPN at a tire factory and it pays well, however I cannot increase my income until I have my license. On the NYS side of things I'm all set, but Pearson Vue can't find me!!!??? Very confused, all I want to do is take my test and be LICENSED already!!!!! I didn't go through a year of agonizing nights and days to not get licensed! Any idea as to what the hold up is??? Input or support would be greatly appreciated!
  2. ArieElizabeth

    On to the second half!!

    It's a year long course. I will be graduating in October
  3. ArieElizabeth

    On to the second half!!

    Hey all! I'm officially done with the first half of LPN! I will be starting PN2 on April 8! Excited and nervous. Does anyone have any advice for the hospital portion of clinicals?
  4. ArieElizabeth

    IV therapy

    Ok, so I am going to school for my LPN in New York State and i am wondering if I can take an IV therapy course while going to school and just finish them both around the same time? At a few hospitals, LPN's do insert and remove IV's. just wondering if anyone has any info on this. Thanks
  5. ArieElizabeth

    What made you decide to be a nurse?

    Hello and welcome! I decided to go into nursing for similar reasons. I watched a few family members die and watched others struggle through illness and I just want to be able to help. I also like the teaching aspect as well as I'm really into science. I just want to make a difference even in one person's life! I have been in nursing school for 3 months nearly and start clinicals in January. Good luck to all
  6. ArieElizabeth

    Moneys worth?

    Hi all, I have a question. I am paying $8300 (tuition) + other supplies for school. The hours I was expecting and that are stated are 4p to 10p Monday-Thursday. I get to school at 4, we don't start until 4:15, then we take a break from 5:45-7:00 come back for a bit then take a break 8:10-8:20. Some days we leave at 9 others 9:15. What do I do? This is NOT what I signed up for!! Help?
  7. ArieElizabeth

    White uniform

    For all of you who are wearing a white uniform for clinicals...what is the best color for undergarments? My school says white...but every time I have worn white under white it has shown through. Any suggestions?
  8. ArieElizabeth

    At the end of my rope...hate nursing.

    Stick it out and graduate! There are many many divisions in nursing, you don't have to be the typical nurse!!!! There's legal council nurses, admin positions, etc just look up online what type of jobs you can get as a nurse (besides the obvious). Im sure the wide variety will amaze you!
  9. ArieElizabeth

    First day is tomorrow!

    Thanks guys!!
  10. ArieElizabeth

    First day is tomorrow!

    I haven't heard from anyone else from our school.. So I'm not sure!
  11. ArieElizabeth

    First day is tomorrow!

    Hi everyone, I start my first day as an LPN student tomorrow! I am nervous more like excited!!! What should I bring to class? I have the lab bag and a bunch of books! Any input would be nice, I don't want to have to carry ALL of them in tomorrow! Also, did you need a stethoscope/bp cuff etc...the first day or week? Thanks everyone!
  12. Thanks everyone. I am probably going to get the flu shot in the next couple weeks here. Thanks for all your support.
  13. ArieElizabeth

    Talked out of nursing by others and myself....

    Never let someone talk you out of something! Do what you want to do. Make a reasonable effort to accomodate responsibilities, however never give up.
  14. Hi I'm about to start my LPN program in 2 weeks *squeal*!!! I am wondering if anyone has any tips on getting through the first couple of weeks and also if the flu shot is worth it? I am sort of against vaccines as I believe they really don't help at all. However, I would like opinions on whether or not I should get the flu vaccine this year. Thanks!