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Self employed, finally taking steps to become a RN. I just recently passed my state exam for CNA 😄

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  1. Ashley_StudentNurse

    Ocala regional medical center vs adventhealth ocala

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if you could give me your opinion. I recently become a CNA and got 2 job offers. One at Ocala regional and one at adventhealth Ocala. I was wondering if anyone has worked there and could give me your experience with either place. I’m trying to make a decision and it’s so hard! Thank you!!
  2. Ashley_StudentNurse

    Tips or advice for taking CNA exam in florida

    Hi guys, I’m scheduled to take the CNA exam in Florida On Friday. I’m having the worst test anxiety. I’ve been doing practice quizzes and feel really comfortable with the written part. I’m really worried about the skills part. I’ve been watching a lot of videos but it’s been a couple months since I finished my program. Do you guys have any advice or tips to maybe help with my anxiety LOL thank you!
  3. Ashley_StudentNurse


    Hi I was looking into rasmuessen, I am trying to get everything done by the next start date. Are the teachers and staff helpful when it comes to financial aid and things like that. I've heard pretty well things about the Ocala campus and I heard they just opened up the new nursing facility.
  4. Ashley_StudentNurse

    Rasmussen Ocala

    Thank you for responding! I think there next start date is in April so I'm trying to make a decision pretty quick. I spoke with someone from Cfcc and I felt like she was really rude and didn't want to help answer my questions. Everything so far about Rasmussen seems really good. The price was the only thing I was worried about but I shouldn't let that stand jn the way. Were your books included in tuition or is that separate?
  5. Ashley_StudentNurse

    Rasmussen Ocala

    Hi my name is Ashley and I am trying to find a good nursing program. The only one in my area that seems to meet my needs is Rasmussen but it seems a little pricey. Has anyone attended here if so how did you like it?
  6. Ashley_StudentNurse

    Taylor College Bellview Florida

    Thank you. I am going to try and get all of my requirements for this school im just deciding weather or not I want to to evening classes that start in September or wait until January for day classes.
  7. Ashley_StudentNurse

    Taylor College Bellview Florida

    Thanks! I am very excited about school and I want to make sure that I am making a good choice.
  8. Ashley_StudentNurse

    Taylor College Bellview Florida

    Hi everyone!! I was looking to attend Taylor college, and was wondering if anyone has or currently is attending at this school. I have heard a few people say that it was a good school and I have read reviews that it wasn't so good. I was just trying to get some input from on here about the nursing program. Thank You!!!!!!
  9. Ashley_StudentNurse

    RN with dropped misdemeanor

    I had a misdemeanor for a battery charge because if an argument with a girl at work and she called the police. On the court documents it says I was never convicted. So I'm kind if in the same boat. Does this affect my chances or anything like that?
  10. Ashley_StudentNurse

    Farmingdale State College

    Did you do the bachelors program? I read that that's the only program they have now I just want to get into a nursing program really bad! I've looked at farmingdale I just feel like that school would be perfect for me. What pre-reqs do you have take? How long did it take to finish yours? If I finish all of the required courses and then apply before January and I take more in the spring would that give me a better chance of getting in? I know you have to do really good on the nln exam and have good grades but would it help to take extra classes while waiting? Sorry for all the questions I'm just really excited. Also if you don't mind telling me some of the grades you got on your tests or on the non exam? Or any other information about classes or pre-reqs or anything thanks!
  11. Ashley_StudentNurse

    Farmingdale State College

    Hi I'm not sure if anyone puts posts on here but I have been ready all of these posts and Ive always wanted to become a RN. And I went to Suffolk and I didn't like it so much. I really would like to get into farmingdale. Everytime I look at the website or classes I get so excited. Sorry for the long post I was just wondering if any requirements changed or any information would help really! ...also I know the AS nursing and the LPN. Program are canceled this year. Does anyone know if BS nursing program you the to be a RN already to get in or any previous degrees? That would be a huge help if anyone can tell me that!! Thank you