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Hi my name is Ashley and I am trying to find a good nursing program. The only one in my area that seems to meet my needs is Rasmussen but it seems a little pricey. Has anyone attended here if so how did you like it?


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I know of five people who went to this school and they say they liked it. The only real complaint they had was with the price tag.

Hi Ashley! I am a ADN student at Rasmussen Ocala. I am in my 3rd semester, graduating June 2018. So far I love the program! It is so organized and I feel like all I am responsible for is doing my work. The school takes care of everything else for you. I attended CFCC before and was so unhappy with how unorganized everything was. I am happy to help with any questions you might have! I did a lot of research before choosing Rasmussen and I am really happy with my decision.

Thank you for responding! I think there next start date is in April so I'm trying to make a decision pretty quick. I spoke with someone from Cfcc and I felt like she was really rude and didn't want to help answer my questions. Everything so far about Rasmussen seems really good. The price was the only thing I was worried about but I shouldn't let that stand jn the way. Were your books included in tuition or is that separate?