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  1. pedi_nurse

    Most frequent complaints protocol

    PERFECT timing for this thread. I was just putting together some things to send my student nurse for her next clinical with me.
  2. pedi_nurse

    Does the BSN in 10 apply to all nurses or just RN's and why?

    I can get behind all that! Love me some science over theory any day of the week.
  3. pedi_nurse

    Does the BSN in 10 apply to all nurses or just RN's and why?

    FINALLY, I just want to apologize for blowing up the thread. I'm really enjoying this discourse and it's doubly interesting to me as it is similar to what is being discussed in the current class I'm taking. Thanks so much for everyone's input here!
  4. pedi_nurse

    Does the BSN in 10 apply to all nurses or just RN's and why?

    I definitely don't think that theory and research are all "fluff" (though as it has been made clear in this thread, it varies by program). But I wholeheartedly agree with more hard sciences being beneficial, especially to bedside care. When you more fully understand the disease process or how medications work, you can better anticipate problems. Plus, nurses may be more likely to be more consistent and intentional in their nursing practice.
  5. pedi_nurse

    Does the BSN in 10 apply to all nurses or just RN's and why?

    Or maybe the "fluff" will help them become more active in local, state, and national policy making and thus improve bedside conditions.
  6. pedi_nurse

    Does the BSN in 10 apply to all nurses or just RN's and why?

    Opinions can be based on facts or anecdotal experiences and don't require proof in a casual setting such as an internet forum. I very clearly said, "I could be wrong" and that this was simply from my perspective/experience." I have since heard from several here that have reported their own experiences were different, with local ADN programs being more respected and rigorous than the local BSN program. If anything, at least this speaks to the need to standardize nursing education more.
  7. pedi_nurse

    Does the BSN in 10 apply to all nurses or just RN's and why?

    I also wonder if these hospitals with higher percentages of BSN nurses are also larger with more resources.
  8. pedi_nurse

    Does the BSN in 10 apply to all nurses or just RN's and why?

    I really liked this comment. I totally agree and you expressed it much better than I could - really well in a way that's easy to understand.
  9. pedi_nurse

    Does the BSN in 10 apply to all nurses or just RN's and why?

    It should be noted as well that RNs can't immigrate and work in Canada as an RN unless they have their BSN as well - doesn't matter if they have been working 20 years as an RN (ADN) in the states.
  10. pedi_nurse

    Does the BSN in 10 apply to all nurses or just RN's and why?

    I can't speak for all programs and I also can't speak to how accurate my perceptions are. As an example though, one of the local BSN programs incorporates public health nursing, which I didn't have any experience with. They also have a more specific final clinical semester that allows them to work with one nurse as a type of preceptor - they work the nurse's schedule. They don't just get assigned to whoever is available that Wednesday. This wasn't how my ADN program worked and thus I feel I missed out on some critical opportunities to learn more about what nursing is in "real life." Instead, I would be bumped around to whoever was available, only occasionally having the same preceptor.
  11. pedi_nurse

    Does the BSN in 10 apply to all nurses or just RN's and why?

    The lack of standardization on clinical hours and experiences really surprises me, but learning more (like for my state BON there is no minimum requirement for hours - just a recommendation), I'm realizing that it shouldn't. That's definitely something that needs to be fixed. And yeah, overall the classwork difference in BSN and ADN is basically theory and research type stuff. I'm in an RN-BSN program now, and as much as I dislike some of it (I started out viewing nursing as a more technical skill rather than something to philosophize over), I also can see the usefulness of it for the profession and health care as a whole. I'm definitely more thoughtful about my approach and dedication to my chosen profession, and I see the opportunities available to nurses to help instigate change in healthcare. (That's not to say ADNs can't have this mentality, but for me, the drive to achieve more and be a better nurse made pursuing a BSN a "no question" type decision even though I hate school. Perhaps the idea of a Technical RN (ADN) and a Professional RN (BSN) distinction has some merit, but honestly, I would anticipate large hospitals still requiring BSNs at the bedside. It's a status thing for the most part, IMO, even if there are potentially better patient outcomes in hospitals with higher percentages of BSNs. Here's the thing though - even though not recognized internationally, ADNs and BSNs are both equal in scope and capacity to be excellent registered nurses. From my very humble (because really, I don't know a ton about the details of this issue) perspective, I can't help but wonder though why nurses, who should always be in a state of continual learning and growth, so strongly oppose the idea of BSN being the entry-level or even simply the expected eventual level of education? I get that BSN isn't initially attainable for everyone wanting to become a nurse - it certainly wasn't for me. I don't know if I would have gone to nursing school had the only option had been a BSN. Still, I don't understand the overall, emphatic passion against the BSN. We should all be looking for opportunities to standardize and grow our profession. And just so friends up thread don't think I'm ignoring them, I don't need to provide "proof" for things I clearly state are my opinion. If I make a definitive statement, by all means. I was simply sharing my experience and perspective. That being said, it looks like the issue is that there is a huge lack of standardization in clinical experience from program to program. Not that people aren't adequately being trained for nursing - I can't claim that. But we can all agree that there are bound to be shortfalls in some of these programs (which I'll acknowledge can be BSN or ADN) due to the lack of standardization.
  12. pedi_nurse


    Check out FreshRN podcast. They are primarily neuro nurses, but I've really enjoyed listening to their podcast. It's geared towards new nurses at the bedside. Listening in the car are when you are cleaning around the house could be a great and easy way to get some little nuggets in.
  13. No leads to offer, but did just want to send you some encouragement. I was in the TPAPN program for mental illness reasons about 5 years ago and it was a rough couple of years. It was especially frustrating to have an interview going well only to see the face of the interview drop when you disclose the stipulations. That being said, it was completely worth it to push through it. I'm so glad to still be nursing now. I ended up finding a job with a small private practice. They appreciated my honesty and valued my previous experience. It also helped that I interviewed with the office manager, not the doctor. She went to bat for me because she liked me. I didn't make as much as I did at a hospital, but it was a great way to keep working and I value the experience I had there. Smaller practices can make their own rules, so any issues with license stipulations may be accommodated, so it may be worth putting your time and effort into similar settings. Best of luck.
  14. pedi_nurse

    C'Mon Now!

    This wouldn't fly at my school. There's a strict rule that parents are not to be called by teachers to be sent home. SMH So sorry, that's crazy frustrating.
  15. pedi_nurse

    Lead School Nurse vs Health Services Director

    I've also known a few districts to have a Lead Nurse who was also responsible for a campus. Definitely wouldn't touch that one.