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  1. Affsana

    No job :(

    I was told I could not be a tech with a RN license in Alabama without RN pay and nobody will do that.
  2. Affsana

    No job :(

    I graduated with my ADN and I don't get any calls for the billion applications I've put in. I have no hospital experience and I was wondering if I could retire my license and work as a tech for a year and then get it reinstated. Has anyone every done this? It may sound crazy but I want to work.
  3. Affsana

    Become a NP

    Do all NP's take the same boards or is the exam specific to the area you specialized? Thank you :)
  4. Affsana

    New grads psych nursing

    Can new grads go straight into psych nursing?
  5. I'm a student and had a cognitively impaired patient in restraints. This patient has difficulty communicating and didn't reply when I asked her name but she did say hospital when I asked if she knew where she was. She also communicated her elimination needs and pain. I put alert and oriented. What has me perplexed is that she kept pulling at her medical equipment (the reason for the restraints) and so my instructor said someone alert & oriented wouldn't do that but can't someone be alert & oriented & still resist treatment? Thank you.
  6. I just started 2nd semester and I'm so scared of clinicals because I feel I don't know what I'm doing My assessment skills need work and I'm worried I wish I could be at least somewhat confident but I haven't been able to practice with anyone who knows what they are doing. Should I try asking an instructor for help? Do you think I might could pay a nursing student ahead of me to tutor me in assessment? I dunno what to do
  7. Affsana

    Jeff State Fall 2013 hopefuls

    At the Shelby day program we were told to buy the bundles and that codes were required but so far they have never actually been required. I wasted hundreds for nothing and am not happy about that.
  8. Affsana

    Jeff State Shelby Campus 1st semester nursing

    What is second semester like? How many days a week & for how many hours are clinicals?
  9. Affsana

    Jeff State Spring 2013 Hopefuls

    This semester is almost over & without a doubt I know I'll be going on to 2nd semester. It has been VERY hard but I have studied my @ss off and have a B in Fund and an A in Health Assessment & Pharm :) Does anyone know about 2nd semester? How many days a week will we have clinicals and where? I'm so excited :)
  10. Does anyone have any info on 2nd semester?
  11. Affsana

    Jeff State Spring 2013 Hopefuls

    Got my books. Pioneer had bundles last week. Are we supposed to complete the dosage calculation book before class? That packet during orientation seemed to suggest that.
  12. Affsana

    Jeff State Spring 2013 Hopefuls

    @ Slturner it still won't let my PM you. It says I must have 15 quality posts. My email is affsana@rocketmail.com and I'd love that cheat sheet on the cranial nerves. Thank you :) What kind of stethoscope should I get? There are too many to choose from. Whats skills do you think are the hardest to master in assessment ? @kaylaf130 I have the same teacher but on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have an "A" so far but I have heard from former students of hers that so long as you come to class all the time, do all your labs and do all that you can for extra points that she is very generous with her grades. Meaning that most people end up with at least one letter grade higher than they thought they really earned. So just try your best and don't give up :) I think we're past the hardest stuff now :) What she's teaching now is VERY relevant to what we'll be studying in nursing so I think it's much more interesting. @ everyone How old are you? Have you done all your prerequisites?
  13. Affsana

    Jeff State Spring 2013 Hopefuls

    Thank you Slturner :) Are you going to the Shelby campus again? That's where I'll be starting. It wouldn't let you send you a PM so I sent you a friend request. Will that allow messages? I'm so excited and scared lol.
  14. Affsana

    Jeff State Spring 2013 Hopefuls

    I got my acceptance call this morning! :)
  15. Affsana

    Jeff State Spring 2013 Hopefuls

    @Aowings I'm sure you'll do great on the TEAS. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be :) With 90 points I guess you've taken math and most of your sciences so it really shouldn't be too bad. Good luck :)