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  1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has heard of this certification company? Im trying to find out if its legit and a real certification, Please let me know if you know anything about it. thank you!
  2. Ordering medications online?

    I was browsing the net trying to find cheaper prices for my husbands stomach medicine and I came across several sites that sell medicine and you dont even need a prescription. A few of them were cheaper than what we pay with our insurance. Anyone kno...
  3. Savannah Tech Students

    Hi I am wanting to start Sav. Tech in the fall and do my prereqs, You have heard that many dont get accepted? Why? Do you know? I go tomorrow for my preadmission testing. Wish me luck. what program are you doing and how long will it take you? Hope to...
  4. Financial Aid needed

    Hello can anyone tell me where I can go to get some financial assistance for college? They say my husband and I make too much for the goverment grants. I have heard you can go somewhere online to get a loan that you dont have to pay back til after yo...
  5. Savannah Tech anyone?

    I am trying to get some info on Savannah Tech in GA. I am thinking of looking into their LPN program. Let me know if you are in it? Thanks
  6. general classes online?

    hello does anyone know where I can take online the prereqs for nursing? such as math,english, psych, etc? thanks
  7. Any LPN online courses?

    Hello, I am currently a medical assistant and am wondering if there is any online LPN courses I can take? Thanks
  8. Block for Hysterectomy???

    Ok, Im having a hysterectomy on the 27th and was told I may be having a "block" instead of "general" can someone tell me how this works? I was told told I wont be able to feel myself breathe. Is this true?
  9. Hysterectomy and anesthesia

    thanks, I guess Im worried that I wont wake up. What is Pca? Is that where they give you morphine? I have heard horror stories about that stuff and man is that scary, thanks again, I have tons of questions to ask my gyn :)
  10. Hysterectomy and anesthesia

    thanks for the quick response! I am having it (uterus only removed) done with lap assistance due to fibroids causing my uterus to look 3 months pregnant.As far as I know thats the only thing to be done. Another thing Im worried about is having a cat...
  11. Hysterectomy and anesthesia

    Hi I am having a hysterectomy next month and am wondering what is used for anesthesia?Im so terrified of going under. Does anyone have any imput on this procedure? pain, recovery etc. Thanks
  12. toenail fungus..

    I would like to know too
  13. I am having a hysterectomy next month and am very worried about the anesthesia. I was wondering whats the chances of not living through it. I am 27 and have SVT and a few lsions on the brain due to ? migraines. Thanks
  14. Ashworth College ?'s

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has taken any of the distant learning programs at Ashworth College? Im wondering about the associate in psycholgy. Do you think this could possibly get me womewhere? any and all comments are appreciated, thanks
  15. High Scool GPA

    Im sorta looking into the LPN program at deaconnus and am wondering how strcit are they with high school gpa. Mine isnt very good. Please advise