Savannah Tech anyone?


I am trying to get some info on Savannah Tech in GA. I am thinking of looking into their LPN program. Let me know if you are in it? Thanks



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Ok, I dont know if you remember me or not but I had the other thread about Sav tech and I said I wasnt going to go again.....BUT I have changed my mind one last time and I am going to go ahead and go thru with the program for various irrelevant reasons.

But like I said it is very competitive, and someone told me there is a really long waiting list. I dont know why. I was thinking maybe those were the students whose grades weren't so good....I dont know though. But anyway I will be starting on the 7th of July. When will you be starting if you decide to go? By the way are you from Sav?



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I just started pursuing the LPN program at Savannah Tech and had no idea there might be a waiting list. Today is Good Friday so the office is closed. I wonder if they allow some to move up on the list if they already hold a degree in another field. I hope so! I was excited thinking I might be able to start this July but then after reading on the boards that many programs have waiting lists, I'm discouraged to think I might have to wait sometime before starting a new career.

Anyone else on a waiting list at Savannah Tech? Or if you are in or have finished the program, how long were you on the list? Any help would be appreciated.



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I graduated from Savannah Tech in the Fall of 2005. I have good things to say about the education itself & information on the instruction / instructors as well. I'd prefer not to post directly on the forum but welcome anyone to PM me.


I am trying to get into the program and wanted to know if it is competitve as I have heard?

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