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  1. Pregnant and can't lift?

    I must say that I am shocked & saddened over the anger & resentment in this post. I am currently 5 weeks pregnant and while I've had 2 miscarriages in the past, I would not have lifted anything I felt uncomfortable with during the 1st, but e...
  2. Any other new nurses slapping their heads saying DUH!?

    I've been out 2 years this week & have "DUH" moments daily. I think NS killed some of my brain cells. LOL
  3. NCLEX results yesterday

    Way to go!! Congrats on passing the NCLEX. Now take a big sigh of relief & treat yourself to a nice present (scrubs, new steth, cool shoes, fancy meal) You have definately deserved it!
  4. STUDY strategies

    In NS I always highlighted notes in my book, then typed them in outline format & read over & over & over the notes I had typed. However, for A&P this did not work for me. Instead, I bought an A&P coloring book & actually col...
  5. Did I do the right thing? (long)

    To clear a little bit of confusion, I work in a military facility, not a civilian hospital & the incident did not happen in an in-patient region of the hospital, but in an administrative area. I work in an out-patient region of the hospital &...
  6. Did I do the right thing? (long)

    Sorry in advance for the long post, but you need to know the events preceeding. Two days ago we had a Code Blue in our area & pt needed epi SQ. Myself & a fellow nurse were the first to respond. Our carts don't stock epi (a whole other issue...
  7. Documentation Resources

    There are some really good threads in the student nursing section. Try looking in there for "charting". I just read some great examples yesterday so I know there are recent ones available. Good luck & keep your chin up, it gets easier with tim...
  8. LPN / ADN / BSN / MSN. Whats YOUR plan?

    I currently am LPN and have been out for 2 years now. I've just started the process of applying with Excelsior College for the ADN program. It is self-paced so I am guessing about 2 years so that I don't have to miss out on much family life. Plus ...
  9. Need a PACU tshirt slogan!

    Check out They have lots of funny designs for the medical field.
  10. Nclex

    I took as many practice tests as I possibly could, studied/reviewed a different body system each week and had my husband quiz me from my class notes that I'd kept since school had started. Our school also provided a free review class that lasted 2 w...
  11. Getting Frustrated w/ Classmates

    I was in a very similiar situation when I was in school. The problem was with our group is the ones mainly asking for the notes were the ones that would not read the text & wanted to study only off my notes. They wanted to basically get a free ...
  12. Why are you doing this?

    For me, it was never a question of what I wanted to be when I grew was about who I always was inside my soul. I'm 7 & 8 years older than my younger brothers & was blessed enough to be "junior mom" to them, kissing bruises & pu...
  13. fellow insomniacs?

    I too have lots of trouble falling asleep & staying asleep. My Dr. put me on Ambien CR for a little while, & I slept, but I also had conversations with my DH I didn't recall having, was intimate with him with no recall on that either. Decid...
  14. Passed the Boards Gift?

    :balloons:My girlfriend got me a nice tote bag (she ordered it online) & had my name with "LPN" behind my name. I use it everyday going back & forth to work. I carry my pharm book, tests & lab value book & my lunch as well as all th...
  15. Need to pick your brain....

    I remember in school learning about a condition where a "troll" type growth is found in a woman's uterus. After removal of this growth, women need to prevent pregnancy for 1 year due to increased risk of cancer. Yesterday in our day surgery area we...