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  1. I am planning on starting CGCC in the Fall of '08. I will have to travel about 65 miles to get there for classes. I wanted to know if anyone had any helpful info about this school, so I could figure out if it was worth my time (and mileage!). Info a...
  2. Honestly...Is there still hope for my future???

    Thanks! I will probably do the RN-BSN track. I think it will be better if I don;t get accepted anywhere. I think there 2 ASN programs within 50 miles of me. Which ever way I decide to go, I will be greatful in the end because I didn't give up...no ma...
  3. Honestly...Is there still hope for my future???

    Firstly, gasguy:devil: , the way that you are talking makes it seem as if I am just plain out dumb!!! True I made a stupid mistake by not studying much at all, but you have to realize I'm human just like you are! Have you ever made a mistake, then ...
  4. Honestly...Is there still hope for my future???

    Hey! thanks again yall! To Wsmith: good luck with getting accepted to the school that you want to go to and congrats on being accepted PERIOD!!! To everyone: you are all such an inspiration to me, its so nice to positive people in your life....even ...
  5. Honestly...Is there still hope for my future???

    Wow!! Thanks everybody! After reading all of your posts I feel like I can accomplish anything!!! Oh and thanks for letting me know that there is hope for me! Academic amnesty???!!! Sounds like a life saver for me! I'll have to check into that. I dou...
  6. I'm officially Pre-Nursing!

    I am not a mom and I don't work full-time or anything, but I just had to put my 2 cents in!!! You ladies are just so inspiring to me!!! Good luck to you all, and I pray that you will all become successful nurses one day!
  7. Honestly...Is there still hope for my future???

    Hi, thanks for replying Despite the fact that Bio was one of the classes that I failed, I can tolerate science classes. I just wasn't studying or anything. It's not my favorite subject but I can get over that. After class everyday I didnt even think ...
  8. Here's the story... I started college August 2005. I was not doing as good as I knew I should have been doing. At the end of my first semester I failed my Biology class. So which put my gpa at a 1.5, hmm not good for first semester. So spring (2006) ...
  9. Savannah Tech anyone?

    Ok, I dont know if you remember me or not but I had the other thread about Sav tech and I said I wasnt going to go again.....BUT I have changed my mind one last time and I am going to go ahead and go thru with the program for various irrelevant reaso...
  10. Savannah Tech Students

    Hi The program I chose was nursing (LPN). I was going to leave AASU to go there. But today I met with my academic advisor to see if my staying was worth it after I had messed up so bad with my grades. So I will be staying there. But as far as the pro...
  11. Savannah Tech Students

    Hi everyone,:nuke: I will be starting at Savannah Tech in July. I was wondering if any current nursing students had any advice about the program. I know alot of people don't get accepted and I was just trying to get a heads up about what to expect th...