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  1. Yes very excited!! And nervous! Ha :)
  2. Thanks for the helpful advice Toy!! I appreciate it. It helps to give me a better idea of how to plan my weekends. I was expecting to hear that the program will pretty much consume my life, so it's not a huge shocker :-)
  3. Thank you, Toy! That was so informative and gives me a better idea of what to prepare for. It seems like a lot of work, but it all expected! All in all, do you find that it isn't an insane amount? Like do you still have a social life at all? What about a part time job? Just curious. But I do expect to not have much of a life outside of nursing school for the next 16 months anyways :-)
  4. Thank you, Lauren!! And you are very welcome! We all know how stressful it can be applying to the nursing program, so it's nice to have any questions answered by others who have gone through the same experience! You will get in!!! :)
  5. Thanks Andi for the new info!! Looking forward to hearing more! I would go to lunch after the meeting tomorrow but I have to get back to work :-/ ugh work problems! I am taking two hours off to go to the meeting though so I'm glad I was able to get that approved at least. See you tomorrow!
  6. Bee511

    Accepted!! Goodbye cubicle, HELLO clinicals!

    I agree, I am doing this for stability and more opportunities in my career, as well as getting to help and nurture others. I am looking forward to the many challenges and new experiences everyday. I am excited to not know what to expect when coming into work each day, because I can for sure say that I am so tired of the monotonous tasks I do 5 days a week at my current desk job. It can drive a person crazy. I know it won't be an easy road to nursing, especially getting through nursing school. But I can say with confidence that if I stay where I'm at- working as a drone in cubicle land- I will go nowhere. I'm not saying everyone feels the same way, because some people I work with love their desk job! I'm just saying everyone has their own dreams and desires for their own lives, and I think it's incredibly awesome that so many of us are working hard to achieve our dreams!! So for ME it is worth the uphill, sometimes bumpy ride to the land we call nursing :-)
  7. Bee511

    Accepted!! Goodbye cubicle, HELLO clinicals!

    LOL!! I have a countdown too! I have one at my desk (hidden) and one on my laptop at home. 52 more days for me :-) We just gotta make it out alive!
  8. Bee511

    Pre-Nursing No More!

    Awesome!! Congrats! I start January 6th!
  9. Bee511

    Accepted!! Goodbye cubicle, HELLO clinicals!

    I wish I could hit the "quote button" for every response on this thread, thank you for replying EVERYBODY!!!! :) I love allnurses because it is such a strong supportive community, who are all rooting for each other. I read each and every comment, and it seems like everyone has similar exciting feelings about getting in to/being done with nursing school! I am so proud of each of us, and for coming this far already. We all know it can be an uphill battle at times, but we push through. It is so good to know that others can relate, we are not alone!!!! Keep all the great comments/stories comin'!!
  10. Hello out there! I am thrilled to announce I can finally stop stalking the "Pre-Nursing Student" threads and begin the "Nursing Student" thread-stalking. I got my acceptance letter for the Spring 2014 start in a BSN program! I was curious to see if anyone else is currently starting or already started their nursing program after quitting a full time-comfy-living-weekends-and-holidays-off desk job?? I am terrified to leave this cubicle prison that has grown to consume my Monday-Friday life for the past three years, but so incredibly anxious and excited for the day I never have to sit in this chair again. This past year of taking night and online prereqs while day dreaming of becoming a kick-butt-super-nurse has finally paid off. Now I just need to sit quietly at my desk and pretend my life is as ordinary as ever until I can give my notice! In the spirit of Jerry Maguire, "Who's coming with me?"...and what are all your stories? Please share! :)
  11. Wow thanks sooo much for all of this helpful info! It really is nice to get a "feel" for the program, even if it is revised a bit. Makes me all the more excited! I am kind of glad we won't be thrown into clinicals the first semester, I think it may overwhelm newbies like me who don't work in a hospital. I do volunteer at PCH so I have some experience with patients and hospital rooms, but mostly just getting to play with the kiddos...not quite the same working experience that will help with clinicals, but a little. Anyways, to answer some people's questions about whether or not I will be working, I have decided to not work for at least the first semester to gauge how busy my schedule will be. I will be applying for student loans to live off of. Lets hope this government shutdown doesn't affect anything!
  12. I got my acceptance email for SHC!!!!!!! Yay!!!! Congrats to EVERYONE!!!!!! Looks like we all got into our desired programs :) Don't worry Mrs. Bond, you will get in! Let us know! I am so excited ladies and I bet you are all too! Andi and redcellophane- see you at the immunization meeting next week!! Can't wait to meet you both! GPA- 3.39 TEAS- Math: 87.6, Reading: 81 School- Scottsdale Healthcare Previous Bachelors degree- Yes, ASU Psychology No hospital affiliation We all worked so hard and now it is finally paying off! Congrats again to everyone! Nursing school will be even harder, but at least we will be doing what we are so passionate about!
  13. Congrats Laura!!!!! :-) Glad to hear the Tucson letters went out already! I bet you are thrilled! Now I just hope We get ours soon!
  14. Gahhhh!!! I have been checking every 10 minutes it seems! Everytime I get one I get excited and then realize it's just a junk email! Lol I can hardly stand the wait. I really hope we all get in, since it's taking longer than I thought I hope it's not because they are still deciding!
  15. Thanks toy! I sure hope so!!!! I will be refreshing my email every minute tomorrow (a day early) in hopes that we may know sooner than later~