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  1. scrubnurse

    Anyone going to BOLC this fall 2014 or spring?

    ArmyNP, I'm here at BOLC now, last week! Combatives were not an option. Only those that failed the PT test were exempt from combatives (they do regular PT while we did combatives). I dreaded doing it, but it's not bad and actually kind of fun. The short course reservists did combatives in the morning with us and then did PRT in the afternoon. They do this so the short course people can learn how to perform and conduct PRT. (no worries, this is mostly just stretching exercises). Those of us that are active duty do PRT during regular BOLC. Don't be anxious about BOLC. It is not hard at all and it is actually lots of fun! You will make lots of friends. While I'm happy to see my family again, I'm actually sad to leave!
  2. scrubnurse

    BOLC June 2014

    I received my army orders too! It looks like Armymom and I will be going to bolc together! I am continuing on to Ft Benning. Ironically I had Ft Stewart on my top 3 choices, and Benning was not on my list. But I am very happy we are going there. I have heard great things. I'm excited.
  3. scrubnurse

    Army Nurse Corps FY2014

    Ladyfaaz, From what I understand, the regular RN board was in November and I was told my selection board was in December. I assume your fnp board was probably in December as well? That would make sense why some RNs know before we do. Hopefully we will all be in bolc together in July! I want to get to work already!!!!
  4. scrubnurse

    Army Nurse Corps FY2014

    LadyFaaz, Have you heard if you officially got in? I'm still waiting on the official word. I haven't signed any contract yet. Will feel better after I sign that! I see you are FNP? I am a CNM. And yes, I thought I would hear in December too! I hate being in limbo.
  5. scrubnurse

    Army Nurse Corps FY2014

    Ladyfaaz, where are you at in the process? Are you going active duty as well?
  6. scrubnurse

    BOLC June 2014

    Armymom, we are in the same boat!! I'm 39, married mom of four kids. What are we thinking?!? ;-) Are you on fb? Would love to chat more. Send me a private message. Would be neat if we end up at bolc together.
  7. scrubnurse

    Frontier Program?

    Yes, you always start the following term. Good luck!
  8. scrubnurse

    U of Cinn vs Froniter

    I am a Frontier Alumni and I have nothing but positive things to say. Every school has pros and cons, but overall I feel like I had a great education. I love, love, love Frontier's rich history and traditions. It really is a big family and my classmates are not only colleagues but best friends for life. To clarify, the clinical rule is no OOH VBACs. VBACs in hospital during clinicals are acceptable. Frontier does support OOH birth, the preceptor just has to maintain malpractice insurance for obvious legal issues. I would encourage you to call the school if you have any questions or need clarifications. Frontier was my first choice and I have no regrets. (Disclaimer, I know nothing about UofC or other schools). Good luck!!
  9. scrubnurse

    Army Nurse Corps FY2014

    Any idea how long the scroll process takes? My recruiter said we are waiting on scrolls to come back.
  10. scrubnurse

    BOLC June 2014

    Have you heard anything yet? Hoping to attend bolc soon as well.
  11. scrubnurse

    fronteir cnep class 118

    Good luck everyone! I am a Frontier student. :-)
  12. scrubnurse

    Frontier Nursing University CLass 113-115

    I am pretty sure they can take Frontier Bound payment out of your student loan money. I don't remember having to come up with $500. Call the financial aid office at Frontier and ask. Good luck everyone!
  13. scrubnurse

    Applying to Frontier Bridge class of 80!

    I applied to midwifery program. Yes I am on FB. PM me and we can exchange names. Good luck too you!
  14. scrubnurse

    Applying to Frontier Bridge class of 80!

    I just found this thread! I too have applied for the class 80 bridge program. Anyone hear anything yet?!? The wait is awful!!! I keep hoping for an email today!!!
  15. scrubnurse


    Anyone using Bilichecks for TCB's? Do you turn off the room lights/dim the lights before using it? At my old hospital we were taught to use it in a dim/darkened room. I recently changed hospitals, and they do their TCB's with lights on. They said they had never heard of having to turn lights off. I have tried to research this online, even with bilicheck manual, but can't seem to find an answer of if it makes a difference. Also, what about drawing serum bili's? Had a nurse once say that you should draw serum bili in a darkened room. I'm not referring to bili lights, I know you obviously would want those off, but I'm talking about regular room lights. Any thoughts? TIA!
  16. scrubnurse

    OB interview!!!! Help!

    Hi all! I am going for an interview next week for a L&D RN position. I am very excited and wanted to get your thoughts/opinions. First some background on myself: I have worked in the OR for over 12 years, first as an OR tech, then I went to nursing school and graduated a year and a half ago. I love the OR, but have become slightly bored with it. I feel like I am ready to spread my nursing wings and see what else is out there. I have always said that if anything were to get me out of the OR, it would be OB. I could totally see myself as an OB nurse, but I am soooo nervous about learning something new. I have three children, my youngest is three months old. Even while I was in labor, I kept thinking my nurses have a very rewarding job. Everyone remembers their L&D nurse, good or bad! I just think I would really enjoy the patient teaching (my patients are asleep in the OR). The interview is for the Baylor position, working weekends only. Work 24 hours (two 12 hour shifts) and get paid for 36 hours. It is a night shift, 7pm-7am. This would totally work for my family, as I could be home all week to take the kids to school, go on field trips, etc. and not have to worry about daycare for the baby and also if the kids are out on school breaks, get sick, etc. My questions are: Has anyone worked the weekends only shift? Has it worked out for you? How scary is OB? How many patients do you usually have? What is the norm for RN-patient ratio? How long is orientation usually? What questions should I ask during my interview? Thanks in advance!