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  1. DevinNoelle

    how long did it take you to recieve your ATT

    I had to call NY state to get my ATT. I called a month after sending my application. I waited on the phone for 45 mins but after talking to the woman I had my ATT by email an hour later.
  2. DevinNoelle

    LTC job as a new nurse grad

    I'm starting at a LTC next week as my first job as a LPN. They said orientation is one class day and 2 weeks of working on skills on the floor. This is for a government/county owned nursing home
  3. DevinNoelle

    Landed a New Grad Job!

  4. DevinNoelle

    How long is it taking to land your 1st new grad job?

    Graduated June 2012, Just got offered a job today. So a couple months, I am in upstate NY
  5. DevinNoelle

    I'm curious...did you have to pay for uniform?

    My Accelerated PN program tuition was 11,000, books 600 and uniform was also separate, in NY state
  6. DevinNoelle

    First Day of LPN school

    Good luck! It is worth all the hard work :)
  7. DevinNoelle

    Help!!! TEAS V

    I also had to take the TEAS last year. The material it covered was what you learn in high school. From what i remember there was multiplying and dividing, knowledge of the definition of words. If you have taken High school english and algebra you will do fine. Go in confident!! If you aren't confident It is easy to get overwhelmed, you got this. Good Luck :)
  8. DevinNoelle

    how long to get NY license after NCLEX?

    Did you receive your license yet? I took my exam in NY on 8/2 and all I've received is the letter saying I passed and that was at the end of last week. My license number is not on the NYS Online Verification website yet either.
  9. DevinNoelle

    Online LPN to RN?

    I just received my LPN, I did it the traditional way with weekly clinicals, and in a classroom setting. I want to continue and get my RN, but would like to work at the same time. Can anyone recommend an accredited LPN to RN bridge program that is online? Thanks for your help :loveya:
  10. DevinNoelle

    LPN salary in New York??

    As Far as Upstate NY goes, right now LPN's in office settings are getting offered 15/hr and nursing homes 17-20hr for new grads
  11. DevinNoelle

    Pearson VUE Quick Results?

    My state does participate in quick results for your "unofficial" NCLEX results, but it has been longer than 48hrs and they still are not showing up. How long did it take for other people to get the quick results??
  12. DevinNoelle

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    I took my exam today at 1pm, was done at 1:54pm and checked the PVT 15mins ago at 4:30 and it gave me the good pop up, so if it works, it works atleast within 2 hrs
  13. DevinNoelle

    just finished nclex @ 147 questions

    Is this for the NCLEX PN? I'm taking it Thursday. Scared!!