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  1. Vascular Managers

    Anyone here working as a full time vascular manager of a renal unit based in the Philippines? if not full time, anyone working as a dialysis vascular access coordinator?
  2. Hi! I would like to know if the practice of having a vascular access manager / coordinator is done in the Philippines? Calling dialysis nurses in the Philippines, does your unit (freestanding clinic or hospital based) have a key person that implemen...
  3. Hello! Are there nurse entrepreneurs based in the Philippines active in this forum! Give me a heads up! I'm planning to setup a business there soon. Thanks!
  4. Hughes Medical Center in Anguilla, BVI

    Hello! First of all, Anguilla IS NOT in the British Virgin Islands. It's an island in the northeastern Caribbean that is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. It's a rather small island that's very rural by today's standards. Their main indus...
  5. any nurse entrepreneurs outside of nursing?

    Hello! I'm a dialysis nurse by profession, but in the past couple of years I have founded and invested in a number of business ventures outside our profession, namely a t-shirt company, a travel agency, a motor engine distributorship, and a micro-fin...
  6. Hi Ayelesia, I think what you're doing is increasing or decreasing the "conductivity" as a whole. When it's the conductivity itself being modified, electrolyte content are also affected hence the increase and decrease of these electrolytes together w...
  7. Transonic HD03

    For further reading: Access flow monitor equipment - Topic
  8. Transonic HD03

    Hi everyone! As the newly designated vascular access manager of our small unit (15 beds), one of the first projects I'm implementing is to have a Transonic HD03 dialysis access surveillance monitor(s) to replace the Fresenius OLC access flow measurem...
  9. what hemodialysis machine used in Philippines?

    Braun and Fresenius are the more popular ones especially with the relatively newly built clinics. On a more important note, you need to be more concerned of learning about the clinical aspect of your training over the technical one. With your trainin...
  10. Open up a dialysis unit in UK

    I think it's the NHS that can best assist you with your plans. Good luck!
  11. How's Life for NLE 2006 passer?

    Took and passed the June 2006 exam. Never even bothered for a retake. Test 5 was even my lowest. So far so good. Been to 3 countries in the last 9 years since becoming an RN.
  12. HeRO Graft

    Has anybody have experience with the HeRO graft? It's a hybrid of a CVC+AVG. (pretty cool idea!) HeRO Graft It's indicated for catheter depended patients due to central stenosis and also for those running out (or ran out) of peripheral vascular acces...
  13. I sent you a PM
  14. Opportunities for HD nurses abroad

    I sent you a PM jenrv07.