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  1. zero.

    Vascular Managers

    Anyone here working as a full time vascular manager of a renal unit based in the Philippines? if not full time, anyone working as a dialysis vascular access coordinator?
  2. Hi! I would like to know if the practice of having a vascular access manager / coordinator is done in the Philippines? Calling dialysis nurses in the Philippines, does your unit (freestanding clinic or hospital based) have a key person that implements dialysis vascular access surveillance and monitoring programs? Let's get in touch!
  3. Hello! Are there nurse entrepreneurs based in the Philippines active in this forum! Give me a heads up! I'm planning to setup a business there soon. Thanks!
  4. zero.

    How's Life for NLE 2006 passer?

    Took and passed the June 2006 exam. Never even bothered for a retake. Test 5 was even my lowest. So far so good. Been to 3 countries in the last 9 years since becoming an RN.
  5. zero.

    HeRO Graft

    Has anybody have experience with the HeRO graft? It's a hybrid of a CVC+AVG. (pretty cool idea!) HeRO Graft It's indicated for catheter depended patients due to central stenosis and also for those running out (or ran out) of peripheral vascular access options! Please share your experience if you have come across it in the clinical area. Thanks!
  6. I sent you a PM
  7. zero.

    Opportunities for HD nurses abroad

    I sent you a PM jenrv07.
  8. Yes of course. Like most of overseas based Pinoy nurses, I also started with being trained then eventually got hired.
  9. zero.

    Working in Germany as a RN

    I too am interested in working as a nurse in Germany. But I may have a different case, since I've been working for 5 years now as a dialysis nurse in South America and the Caribbean. I am from the Philippines, and I got my BSc. in Nursing and my initial RN registration and renal nursing specialization in the Philippines. Is there any nephrology/dialysis nurse here who can share some details for work as a dialysis nurse in the German setting?
  10. zero.

    Drug Incompatibilities During Hemodialysis?

    I've looked up if there are any interactions between the 2 drugs thru Epocrates for iPhone, and it said "no significant interaction." The role of the blood tubing is a big question mark though.
  11. I would like to take part in this research. Is it also possible to send and answer the questions by email?
  12. zero.

    Tips On Handling Unruly Dialysis Patients

    Thanks for the tips! Another great article from a great writer.
  13. I learned my lesson with phenergan the HARD WAY. During those days of giving it via slow IV push, I had one patient who immediately went into seizure, turned out to be a TIA and it really got me anxious and couldn't get over it for a week. I would never forget how I felt that day.
  14. zero.

    6% "take off" rule

    +1 on the 13mL/kg/hour rule. We have noticed a significant drop in intradialytic mortality rate when started following it. Only 2 instances of a code in the past year in our chronic unit. Well it may be too premature too say, but having only 2 in a year as compared to what used to be an average of 5 is a good thing.
  15. zero.

    Pediatric Dialysis

    Yup, the Fresenius K's are "pedia-friendly." It has a setting for "pediatric mode" that you can enable if needed. You can also use the Fresenius H for pedia patients.