Dialysis Vascular Access Coordinators/Managers

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I would like to know if the practice of having a vascular access manager / coordinator is done in the Philippines?

Calling dialysis nurses in the Philippines, does your unit (freestanding clinic or hospital based) have a key person that implements dialysis vascular access surveillance and monitoring programs?

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Considering the limitations of the major population with regard to healthcare services (financial resources, government funding, updated technology in medical practice, etc.), vascular access surveillance is often overlooked and undermined in the Philippines, so I'm guessing you'd have little feedback. Not necessarily because it's not important but because of the reasons stated above. Many would rather have the resources used in what seems to them a more appropriate need to invest their funds on, than a sub-category of their immediate needs.

In one of the biggest hospitals in the Philippines where I previously worked, there is no dedicated unit for such. The closest thing that gets to such monitoring are the vascular surgeons themselves. I am not sure with NKTI though.

Western countries or 1st world countries are the ones mostly inclined to having specialist positions particularly because of the advancements that they have and how their healthcare system goes. Like here in a certain European country, there is a dedicated vascular access unit. Apart from that, the chronic HD unit has a stay-in vascular access specialist nurse who does his clinic and reviews matters related to dialysis access problems.