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  1. citygirl2

    BeeBe Medical

    Any info from perm staff or travel nurses on the hospital and location appreciated.
  2. citygirl2

    Ann Arbor, MI

    I would love to go to MI as well, but with the struggles the state is having, I wasn't even considering. I realize the hardest hit area seems to be in Detroit, but had crossed the state off my travel bucket list. Perhaps I should reconsider?
  3. citygirl2

    Travel assignment in San Fran area

    How long does it take to get California license? I have heard conflicting reports. Thanks!
  4. citygirl2

    Any travelers in Raleigh NC?

    Hey there, not on a travel assignment but I live in downtown Raleigh and work at Rex. PM with any questions. Oakwood is great area that is close to hospital. Historic houses/rentals. If you go on CL and search apts put "oakwood" or "Mordecai" Area around Wake can be sketchy. Good Luck!
  5. citygirl2

    Asheville, NC

    Headed to Asheville this weekend & will try and stop by the hospital to take a look. I'm sure the pay isn't great but area is beautiful!
  6. citygirl2

    walk thru states

    Love to get to Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Hawaii and San Fran. Hate having to jump thru hoops & pay fee for the same license I have now!
  7. citygirl2


    Thanks, I will check them out. PM if you they'd be willing to share recruiter.
  8. citygirl2

    walk thru states

    None taken...
  9. citygirl2

    walk thru states

    well aware of google & can ask recruiter as well, just thought I'd throw it out there. Thanks for stating the obvious. Google could answer a lot of questions posted on this & other forums but sometimes it's nice to interact with others, no?
  10. citygirl2


    Any info on jobs/quality of life in these areas. RN with 16 yrs experience. Also considering Chicago. Thanks!
  11. citygirl2

    Asheville, NC

    Love to hear from anyone who has done a travel assignment in Asheville.
  12. citygirl2


    Thinking about doing a travel assignment in the fall. I have traveled in.past with CCTC & had a great experience. I am in touch with them again but want to talk to one or two other agencies...looking for info on Trinity, Clinical One & Freedom. Thanks!
  13. citygirl2

    walk thru states

    I live in a compact state & am thinking of doing a travel assignment in the fall. Which non-compact states have walk thru for license?
  14. citygirl2

    Illinois to join compact?

    Legislation is pending according to the compact website? IMHO one RN license should be good in ALL states! Filling out a bunch of paperwork and paying a large fee is just a way for the state boards to make money. If one is in good standing in their home state & has all CEU's completed, then we should be free to move about the country '-)
  15. citygirl2

    Illinois to join compact?

    Any update on if and when Illinois will become part of the compact?