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  1. caliheartRN

    New Grad anxiety

    Thank you all for your thoughtful responses. It is going to be a rough transition, but this is what I've worked so hard for. Time to be confident with what I do know and ask questions about things I dont know. 8 weeks flew by quicker than I expected!
  2. caliheartRN

    New Grad anxiety

    Soon I will be off orientation and on my own. The realization has finally hit me and my anxiety is hindering my sleep... I think about it constantly and I am scared to death. Ive been told i'll be fine on my own by preceptors, but I feel like I still have so much to learn. When will I ever feel "comfortable" going into work. When will the anxiety and sleepless days end? I go home thinking about the previous shift going over in my head if I made any mistakes... Im blessed to have found a job as a new grad but this anxiety and overwhelming transition is getting to me.
  3. caliheartRN

    Why so many travel positions?

    Sadly many hospitals rather pay for travelers than pay for benefits/other expenses that come along when employing FT/PT.
  4. caliheartRN

    Cardiac Pocket Guide for New Grad

    Thank you sgp9! I will look into it!
  5. caliheartRN

    Cardiac Pocket Guide for New Grad

    Hi everyone! I am a new grad RN and I will soon be starting my first job on a cardiac step-down unit (CABG/MI/CATH/PPM, etc). I was hoping to get suggestions for a handy pocket book/guide that will help me starting out! Thanks :)
  6. caliheartRN

    New Nurse having trouble with report

    One way to organize your report is to go through your information by systems (neuro, resp, cardiac, etc) making sure to include lines/drains/tubes where important. Then you can add any important events that happened that shift (Xrays/extra labs/procedures/changes in condition) You can have an outline that you follow when giving report that reminds you what system/category to talk about next, until you become more comfortable giving an organized report! Goodluck!