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  1. SNF DON with MSN Can't Land Hospital Position

    Thanks for the advice! Yes, I meant to state that I worked as a Staff RN for two years after graduating from nursing school. I obtained my BSN during those two years.
  2. RN-MSN, MBA question

    Hi fellow nurses, I am currently enrolled in a MSN/MBA online program. I am also currently earning Lean Six Sigma certification (Green belt). I really want to move up the corporate ladder in a healthcare organization. I know this question is very sub...
  3. First job - HIV unit

    The problem is that almost all of the patients are psych. From an LPN that works on that unit, she said there have been instances where certain patients have tried to transmit hiv to care providers due to the psych issues from the disease. Now that I...
  4. First job - HIV unit

    Hi all, I graduated from my ADN program in May, passed Nclex in June and got a job offer, after much hunting, this past week. It's a full time position in a sub-acute nursing facility. The facility has an HIV unit and that's most likely where I'll ...
  5. Applying at Maimonides Medical Center

    Hey all, Been away for a while due to finishing nursing school and passing the NCLEX! The excitement of graduating from nursing school and passing the NCLEX first time have almost completely worn off due to losing confidence in finding that first RN ...
  6. St Paul's School of Nursing Jan/Spring 2012?

    Dreag87, sorry that your experience with St. Paul's was so negative. I'm a fourth semester student about to graduate in a month. I had an awesome time the last 2 years at SPSON. My admissions process was quick. I had everything ready, was proactive w...
  7. St. Paul School of Nursing Queens 2011

    Hi all, im from the Staten Island campus. I wanted to know from Queens campus students if there was any problems or concerns raised about the new rule regarding passing Hesi in order to pass the class. There are rumors of the Queens campus students a...
  8. St. Pauls School of Nursing FALL 2013

    I too found the news unbelievable until I saw the NLN website. As a current student I am happy that they did get the accreditation, regardless of how they did. The important thing is that they did. Things are changing in the school such as stringent ...

    St. Paul's School of Nursing is now NLN Accredited!
  10. St. Pauls School of Nursing FALL 2013

    There is much debate about how important NLN Accreditation really is. Regardless, let me be the first one on to announce that: St. Paul's School of Nursing is now NLN Accredited!
  11. St. Pauls School of Nursing FALL 2013

    NLN accreditation isn't what it used to be. Unless your planning on doing your grad studies in a top tier school (ivy) or working for the best hospitals, it doesn't matter. Now going to an NLN accredited school doesn't mean you'll get into those scho...
  12. St. Paul's School of Nursing Fall 2012

    Thanks @Primadon22! Keep your hopes up about this Fall. The school is contacting people who have not fully completed their admissions requirements and some people are choosing to defer (2 people in the evening program did this past week) -- so you de...
  13. St. Paul's School of Nursing Fall 2012

    Hi all! Anyone going to SPSON Staten Island? Day or Evening? I went in and picked up my textbooks, uniforms and a rolly backpack yesterday. My orientation is Aug 29. I'm in the evening program. The bookstore employee told me that distribution is bein...
  14. St Paul's School of Nursing Jan/Spring 2012?

    Hi all -- received official acceptance letter today (7/18). Just a simple letter stating that I'm officially accepted into the school's evening nursing program. Orientation is Aug 29 with first day of classes Aug 30. More information will follow as s...