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  1. kerleigh722

    What Do Operating Room Nurses Do?

    This post is exhausting! I am considering applying to OR jobs but I have no idea if I will like it! I'm trying to contact my educator to see if I can observe for a day... The main reasons I am considering are more about the better hours, excelling in a specialty (I want to be good at what I do! I float and don't particularly like it), working 1:1 with a patient (not 1:6!!)... Things like that. And my one experience on the OR was great besides the surgeon- he was so mean to his interns and the nurses catered to his every weird, quirky need! I only have 6 mo experience so right now I'm not getting calls back and I'm being picky since I am obviously lucky enough to currently be employed.
  2. kerleigh722

    Nursing Salary Survey 2014

    Denver, CO 24.99 base, 31.60 for me on nights. Float Pool RN BSN 6 months Full time Nights 25% nights, 10% weekends No