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  1. I'm PRN and have been on call because of low census. I know we have COVID and r/o COVID patients; I'm actually "assigned" to the COVID floor, but because of my status + elective surgeries canceled + people avoiding the hospital, our census is low. I wonder what it will look like a week or 2 from now. In the Denver Metro area for reference!
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    What is it like in your hospital right now?

    This is so crazy. My hospital has the exact same "advanced droplet" precautions and I'm using my OWN n95 mask. Currently shopping on amazon for shoe and hair covers to supply myself too. ridiculous.
  3. what good are you as a nurse if you knowingly contract covid19 and possibly die?
  4. I agree, I'm bringing my own n95 to work with covid patients because I just don't trust it. coughing in my face is aerosolizing IMO! Absolutely not, NOPE NOPE NOPE.
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    Exposed to patient positive with coronavirus

    holy. ***.
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    Proper PPE

    I’m assigned to the COVID floor and our PPE is a mask, gown, goggles, and eye pro. Reuse the mask for ONE WEEK. only an n95 is needed if getting a bronch or on a vent. I know the WHO says it’s droplet but I see posts from other COVID floor and the nurses are decked out in those gas mask looking things! when asked if we can wear an n95, our ID docs said we should set the example (as in don’t waste them because everyone will want one). I'm scared, y’all. Should I purchase my own n95s and wear them anyway? I have small children at home.
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    Nurse Practitioner- Job Outlook

    Hi, Assuming I get accepted, I will start FNP School in a few months. We all know how expensive it can be and I have a family...and well, a lot of questions that I'm having a hard time finding the answer to. For one, I don't see myself as a primary care provider and I feel like this is the most common job for FNP graduates. I chose FNP to be more versatile than specializing... but I would rather work someone like a cardiology office/heart failure clinic/ in-patient cardiology/ derm NP/ trauma surgery NP... Like do these things even exist for an NP? I've tried searching for jobs but the market around here is a bit saturated at the moment and I see mostly primary care jobs. Another thing I've been thinking about is how I would want to be part- time until my kids are a bit older. I kinda suspect this will be difficult but I'm not sure? Insight, anyone? I live in Colorado if that makes a difference. Thanks!
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    Nurse Practitioner- Job Outlook

    Thank you very much. It’s like I want to go to grad school and be an FNP just because that’s what’s expected at this point and the next step in my career. But you are totally right, I keep thinking my goals and ideas aren’t figured out yet completely. I’ve got 2 little ones and family time is the most important at this time in my life. maybe one day I’ll figure out what I want to do, and maybe it would make more sense when my kids are older.
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    Nurse Practitioner- Job Outlook

    Thank you so much for your response. I will have to start networking for sure at the hospital I work out. I do agree it can be about the people you know. My “problem” is I am a float pool nurse, have been since I graduated 5 years ago. So I don’t really have a specialty. I feel like this is great experience for the primary care role (you see everything), I’m just trying not to limit myself since I’m not exactly sure what I want to do.
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    Regis University FNP 2020

    Starting a thread to see if anyone applied to the Regis University FNP program for May 2020. Or if anyone has in the past, what their experience was like. :)
  11. If I don't eat in the morning before bed I will wake up around noon, too! I try to eat something hearty and not just cereal... so oatmeal, eggs and toast, etc. I also gained a few lbs when starting night shift but I think that's because I found it much harder to keep a consistent workout routine because I was always "recovering." I'm still on nights but things are a little different because I'm 6 months pregnant now!
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    Accelerated second degree programs

    I did the accelerated program at Regis and it was a great experience! I would also recommend CU Denver/ Springs. If you go to Denver School of Nursing, the accelerated program is quite a bit longer (I think it's like 22 months vs. 1 year at Regis). I don't know a lot about Metro.
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    Pain Management/Seeking

    I have been a nurse for about a year and half... so still pretty fresh! I am looking for some advice from more experienced nurses regarding pain management in patients you suspect are seeking. I know pain is subjective and we have to treat everyone's pain as they say it is...BUT. When a patient comes in with "abdominal pain" and there is no clinical evidence of pain AND they are always a 10/10 WHILE they eat their burger, fries, and shake AND they request IV Benedryl because the Toradol they tried in the ED gave them an "allergy" AND don't forget the IV Phenergan because they feel sick. Can't keep anything PO down, yet eating appropriately and talking normally. Oh yeah, and the neighbor next door was faking her vomit with bits of oatmeal, water, apple, and ginger-ale (another nurse smelled it!) -therefore she could only take IV meds. I mean, come on..... I just get so discouraged. I know we aren't going to make any changes for these patients long term, but why are the docs ordering these meds? My philosophy so far has been that if the doctor orders it and it's on their MAR, I will give it in the allotted time... I don't always tell the patient exactly how often they can get it though. How do you deal with this? It seems like some nurses are more pushy and some are too nice (I feel like I fit this category) but inside I am burning with anger because I'd much rather be taking care of really sick patients that need me. But instead, I'm pushing narcs q2h or more. By the way, I work in the float pool. I mainly see this on our observation unit (
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    Pain Management/Seeking

    Thank you for your input... I want to clarify that I've never withheld medications from a patient. Like I said, if it's on the MAR, I give it, and if they need me to call the doctor, I always do. I wonder why this bothers me so much? I guess I feel like I get played as a fool and I worry about feeding addictions. But you seem to be right by its not my call, i am not a doctor, that's why i don't get paid the big bucks! [emoji3]
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    DSN competitive?

    Hi, Does anyone know if Denver School of Nursing is competitive, like the other schools in the area (CU, Regis..)? I am starting my second round of applications (denied and alternate the first round) and decided to apply to DSN. I would like to go to this school, but my only reservations revolve around the accreditation, which I've researched quite a bit. Thanks for any info you all have!
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    Pregnant with a cold

    Hi! I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and dealing with a cold and sinus infection. I have NEVER called in sick to work in my whole career... but this time I debating calling in sick. What do ya'll think about working while sick? I feel like there is so much pressure to work and if we don't, we feel so guilty. If I were a patient, I probably wouldn't want to see "me" as their nurse with a tissue constantly stuck up their nose. I suppose if I could actually take a good decongestant I might be able to push through. Thanks!
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    Switching to day shift blues

    I am in your boat 100%! I love nights but I really want to feel "normal" again. And we get a 25% differential on nights... So this is going to HURT! I know everyone is saying stay on nights, but as much as I prefer it, I am going to switch to days-personally. I am tired of sleeping my life away or not sleeping enough and just want to feel healthy again and not shave years off my life :)
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    A less stressfull career choice

    Here's something you can compare it to: We can have drinks with a lid at the nurses station but obviously no food. We can work overtime if the hospital is short, and when census is low we can take call if we want. If I have something that comes up, my manager usually let's me off (i'm on float pool.) If you consistently, consistently clock out too late you will get an email...But I've only gotten 1 in the last year and I clock out whenever I am done, I don't hurry to the time clock and worry about it. And we can call in sick 6 times a year before getting written up. I work nights so I don't know how strict they are with cell phones during the day.. We get away with it at night at the nurses station. Maybe I have it better than I thought :)
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    This week, I have learned... (5/30/15)

    1. I didn't learn... But saw for the first time... The bad side of ambien. Naked patient in the hallway and severe restlessness. But I did learn to always ask HOW ambien affected you in the past instead of just, "you've taken this before, right?" "Yep!" 2. I still don't know how to handle chronic pain drug seeking patients. I feel like I'm feeding an addiction and it just kinda pisses me how this patient treated me when I gave Toradol instead of IV dilaudid. Ugh. 3. Flush your IV when you buff cap it if Anything with K was running through it because it will go bad. Duh. 4. Vistaril really helps with pruritis in a pancreatic cancer patient. Had never used it before. On a side note, my patient kept sneaking Copenhagen all night before his wipplen surgery... What can ya do
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    I hate night shift

    I am still a new grad, not as new as you are, and I am newly married. Basically started night shift a few months before our honeymoon! It's normal to have anxiety about not being 100%... Just remember to ask questions when you are unsure. I have cried once or twice when my leaving my hubby to go to work... But it's not Just because I'll miss him. Its more like I miss you-I'm jealous you get to stay home- I'm missing the new Big Bang Theory episode- WAH. Lol. I hate leaving him, yes. But we both know it's necessary and short-term, so we make the best of our days off together. I hope you find a balance. Just keeping searching for a new day shift position, because regardless of why you are unhappy, you deserve to be happy.
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    BP Med/Transfusion Question

    Yes, absolutely, I rechecked the h/h and it was maybe 8.1/28 ish so, stable, after the 1 unit of blood.
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    BP Med/Transfusion Question

    Hi! Quick question- Patient had a low H/H of 8/25 and BP 95/38, HR 120s. Per MD orders, I infused 1 unit PRBCs and took vitals like q2h. BP came up nicely 140s/80s- 150s/85and HR 90s. She may or may not have had to go back to the OR to find out why the H/H dropped (I work nights so MD would assess in the morning). Anyway, I gave 80 mg Micardis which she takes normally at home before I left that morning. My question is, what this the right thing to do or should I have held it, thinking her BP would come back down if she was indeed having a bleed? I don't know, I am just having some anxiety over hoping I did the right thing. My charge nurse said it was fine, but I'm having new grad jitters :) Thanks for listening!
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    BP Med/Transfusion Question

    That low BP was about 8 hours before the BP meds.... And stabilized almost immediately. Just to clarify!
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    Would you send this patient to the unit?

    Yes, I would have sent her to the unit. I understand your frustration of getting icu type patients on the floor... It's rough. Luckily we have great resource nurses who typically have our backs and fight for us when it comes to something like this... If not the unit, then I might get a 1:1 RN.
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    It gets better.

    I have been a nurse for almost a year. I am 24, newly married, and often feel too young for such responsibility! Started and still work in float pool at a local community hospital that isn't super new-grad friendly. If you have seen my previous posts, I have struggled with wanting to leave hospital nursing altogether for the sake of my mental and physical health and do something "easier." I work nights and I am NOT a night person. Bottom line: The last year has totally sucked. BUT. This magical "one year" mark that I have heard so much about is ABSOLUTELY true. I never believed it. I finally feel like a nurse.... I can start that dilt drip and get you out of afib, take care of your new boobs, get you through your first night after a huge spine surgery, know how to help with your chemo side effects, recover you from abd surgery, 1:1 you when you're suicidal/homicidal, and assist you in safety withdrawing from alcohol. I can't even believe I can DO these things. So, it gets better. Stick with what your doing for one year and be proud of yourself for getting through it and keeping your patients as safe as possible. YOU ARE A GREAT NURSE. Good job for making it through your first year! And thank you to the AN community for supporting me through all of it.

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