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  1. NurseJoy89

    FL RN moving to Asheville, NC

    Hello, fellow nurses! For several years, I have been dreaming of moving to Asheville, NC. I currently work in Wesley Chapel, FL as an ER nurse with 2.5years under my belt of hospital experience. My husband is an assistant produce manager at Publix. We don't have any children (but a lot of pets! ) and are looking to move sometime in 2018. I have heard great things about Mission Hospital, and have already read past posts on here regarding working there. How does one go about moving out of state, interviewing, etc.? I read in one of the posts about relocation bonuses that they offer. One of my coworkers mentioned doing travel nursing to get my foot in the door at Mission, but I know that can get complicated, with having a tax home among other things. I also will have my BSN by November of this year. I understand that Asheville has become horrendously expensive to live in, so we are looking to live outside the city. ANY tips or information you guys have to offer would be very helpful. :) Thank you!
  2. NurseJoy89

    NCLEX/FL Remediation Help me! :,(I'm

    Thanks for your help... I know I'm close! The last two times I took it I had all questions with 30-something SATA and other pics/priority questions. While I'm sure the remediation is helpful, I just cannot put myself back into full-time school again with clinicals and all. I'm working full time and I have bills to pay. Not to mention the school I went to should have prepared me better for this. -_- However, I am aware that there must be something I'm not getting. I'm considering doing the ATI prep and see how that helps. It's expensive, but not as bad as remediation. I know in my heart that I can do it, and I know I'll be a kickass nurse! I've got a medical background that not many people have, which will help me! I know it! Thank you all for being so sweet and supportive. It helps give me courage!
  3. NurseJoy89

    NCLEX/FL Remediation Help me! :,(I'm

    Okay. Thank you guys so much! I just can't afford 2k for a remediation program right now....
  4. NurseJoy89

    NCLEX/FL Remediation Help me! :,(I'm

    I keep hearing you can just transfer the license.. but then I'll hear the opposite!
  5. NurseJoy89

    NCLEX/FL Remediation Help me! :,(I'm

    I have failed NCLEX 3x now... and I feel like an incompetent idiot. I can't help but wonder if the school I went to had anything to do with my difficulty in passing. Regardless, I now am required to take a remediation course if I want to test again in FL. I've seen many threads about the remediation, but I can't seem to get a direct answer to my question... Can I test in Georgia, and if so, (and I hopefully pass) can I practice in Florida? I've heard the remediation program is very helpful, but also at a hefty price. What is entailed in the remediation? I've heard I have to do clinicals and all of that! Will I be able to work? Is it 5 days a week?? I just don't know what to do. I want to give up so bad... I'm so tired of getting beaten up by all of this....
  6. NurseJoy89

    Need help! Failed Nclex RN three times in florida

    Hello, inela! I too, have failed NCLEX 3 times in FL. I feel incompetent and so defeated. I have never wanted something so bad in my whole life. Don't feel discouraged, because you are not alone! This test is a *****, and is meant to trip people up. I've studied so hard each time, and now, I don't even know how to begin studying. Is it true clinical time is required for taking the test again in FL? Has anyone here taken the remediation and if so, did it help? I feel so lost. I know I'll be a great nurse, I just have to get over this hurdle.
  7. NurseJoy89

    How do I pass the exit HESI?

    Hello, Everyone! :) I'm currently in my last quarter at Galen College of Nursing. Does anyone know of any tips to pass the exit HESI? I've utilized my Saunders and Kaplan books, received the live HESI review, and used the Evolve website, but I don't feel it's enough. The HESI questions are like a totally different monster! Any help or info would be great! :)
  8. NurseJoy89

    Galen College of Nursing?

    Thank you guys so much for all of your feedback! I'm actually into my 5th quarter at Galen now, so needless to say, I've been busy! Apparently, we are supposed to receive our SACs accreditation in June, which will allow us to transfer credits to four year colleges. They are also in the process of getting their NLNAC, but that'll be a longer process. Those who graduate after we receive the SACs will be grandfathered into the accreditation! Thankfully, I have taken my prereqs at HCC, so I'm in the clear for that! ^^;
  9. NurseJoy89

    Galen College of Nursing?

    Hello, all! I just recently got accepted into Galen College of Nursing in St. Pete, FL. I'm concerned, however, about the whole accreditation thing. To be honest, I don't even know what being accredited means. :/ I know the only ones that matter are the CCNE and NLNAC accreditation. I was hoping to go to USF to get my BSN, but I was informed that the credits at Galen will not transfer there. I was really bummed out about that, because Galen informed me that they were accredited, by SACS accreditation, so I could go to any 4 year college for my BSN. The admissions guy at USF warned me not to get too far into the program if it is not accredited, because if I wanna go further with my education (which I do) I'll basically have to start over from scratch! I've heard pretty good things about Galen, and I know people who go there that love it. I just don't want to have to start over again...Can anyone help guide me?