FL RN moving to Asheville, NC


Hello, fellow nurses!

For several years, I have been dreaming of moving to Asheville, NC. I currently work in Wesley Chapel, FL as an ER nurse with 2.5years under my belt of hospital experience. My husband is an assistant produce manager at Publix. We don't have any children (but a lot of pets! :D) and are looking to move sometime in 2018. I have heard great things about Mission Hospital, and have already read past posts on here regarding working there. How does one go about moving out of state, interviewing, etc.? I read in one of the posts about relocation bonuses that they offer. One of my coworkers mentioned doing travel nursing to get my foot in the door at Mission, but I know that can get complicated, with having a tax home among other things. I also will have my BSN by November of this year. I understand that Asheville has become horrendously expensive to live in, so we are looking to live outside the city. ANY tips or information you guys have to offer would be very helpful. :) Thank you!