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  1. Should I get my MSN first?

    Hey! So I had begun an online FNP program at the university where I got my accelerated BSN. After 4 classes, I started to realize that FNP wasn't what I wanted to be. I really want to be a PMHNP. So I've been talking to Walden U, but they've denied t...
  2. Walden University Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

    Hey! I was wondering if I could pick your brain about the PMHNP program. I won't flood you with questions unless you're up for it.
  3. What happened to all the Walden Haters?

    Hey! I've seen some of your other posts over time while searching about Walden. I'm 99% committed to starting my PMHNP MSN with them in February. I have to file my FAFSA yet, but that's really it. I had previously taken 4 FNP courses at the school I ...
  4. ADN or BSN

    I'm currently an LPN. I was waiting for a spot to open in a 2 year RN bridge program. Because I hadn't heard anything, I applied to an accelerated BSN program here in IL (16 months to complete) and was accepted (contingent on my financial aid), and t...
  5. Chamberlain FNP program

    Hey! Did you go through with the FNP? Are you still working on it? I'd love to hear follow-up regarding your experience.
  6. Olivet Nazarene University ABSN Program

    I'm not sure about your TEAS exam. They administer 5 now, so my guess is that you'll have to re-test. The per-reqs (off the top of my head) are A&P 1&2, Nutrition, Abnormal Psych, Statistics, and English...I'm probably leaving something out, ...
  7. Olivet Nazarene University ABSN Program

    Hello. I am conditionally accepted for the fall session. I was wondering if any of you are farther along in your journey?
  8. ADN or BSN

    I'm at about the same point that you are in the process. I, too, have less than stellar credit and I'm looking to take out probably 13,000 in private loans for the first 12 months of the program. I keep looking online for scholarships but I can't re...
  9. ADN or BSN

    Hm. I had replied the other day, but my post seems to have disappeared. I am going with Olivet Nazarene University's (Oak Brook campus) accelerated BSN. I have not personally heard that the hospitals are moving towards Master's degrees as an entry ...
  10. ADN or BSN

    Thank you to everyone who has replied. I have decided to go with the accelerated BSN. Even better- I found out today all my ducks are in a row, so to say, and I can begin in May instead of in the fall! I appreciate everyone's input.
  11. ADN or BSN

    Thank you for your reply.
  12. Demand for LPN in Chicago?

    Uh, LPNs *are* nurses. :) Did you mean are they in as much demand as registered nurses?That being said, I have never had trouble securing a well paying gig in Chicago (and the north shore area) as a LPN. I do not choose to work in a long term care f...
  13. Foley Induction?

    Can anyone share some knowledge regarding using the Foley induction method? If the baby doesn't come of his own accord over the weekend, doc says I'll go into the hospital Monday night and we'll start with the catheter. In your experiences working ...
  14. Foley Induction?

  15. Foley Induction?

    I definitely hope my experience will be similar to yours. Thank you for sharing it with me...makes me feel better!
  16. Foley Induction?

    yay! Thank you. I was curious about whether I might be sent back home if it doesn't 'work' right away. Thanks for your answer.
  17. Foley Induction?

    Thanks. I figured they'd go to the Pitocin after, but I wasn't sure. That's why I came to the boards. I don't have any nurse friends who work in OB off the top of my head. A lot of the info I saw when I googles the procedure was years old, so I w...
  18. Foley Induction?

    Thanks. I knew I shouldn't have put my due date, haha. I'm really just interested in hearing from nurses who have experience with viewing or having this procedure. My doctors and I have valid reasoning behind going ahead with this Monday, I just a...
  19. Can a LPN be a school nurse?

    I know this post is a bit old, but I just wanted to say that in my situation this pay info is incorrect. The pay rate varies based on the agency you go with. (I made more). It's best to shop around. Also, I was eventually hired by the Board of Ed ...
  20. need to change name on license

    Hello, I know I previously printed out the form, but I cannot find it online anywhere now! Can someone direct me to where I need to go to get the form to change my last name on my IL LPN license. (I got divorced and returned to my maiden name.) Than...
  21. I know that in Chicago Public Schools, if you have your type 75 endorsement (CSN_certified school nurse) you can teach sex ed and so forth. If you do not have the type 75 I believe you can assist a CSN (esentially co-teaching with them) but cannot l...
  22. what do you wear on your job?

    I wanted to add something, because I know that the written word can be misconstrued sometimes...I am absolutely not against scrubs (if your workplace allows them). I like their durability and some of them truly are very cute, but I just choose not t...
  23. what do you wear on your job?

    Hi Praiser, Of course, there are incidences of hypo or hyperglycemia with my diabetic students, and asthma attacks, and the like just like at any school. I stay with those children until their acute symptoms are resolved or EMS arrives or whatever t...
  24. what do you wear on your job?

    Business casual all the way. School is not a hospital or doctor's office, and I am not at work to take care of sick kids. Sick kids are sent home. I wear the same attire that my co-workers wear.
  25. Kankakee Community College

    I got my LPN training there. I know many PNs and RNs who did. It is a nice program, but apply early. Terrible waiting list. Small campus to navigate and all the clinicals are close by as far as driving goes. I would recommend it for sure.