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  1. Thank you guys very much for the input, both of you have been great mentors since I started going on this website so I really do appreciate the information. I wish I would have made military a full-time career sooner. I've been a civilian ICU nurse for 9 years and when you go through a corporate takeover it seems like all the time I spent at my current hospital was taken for granted. I've been working on a packet with my recruiter since March to go from Reserve to Active duty and after 9 months things are finally going into motion, just waiting on assignment orders. When I get settled in I will probably pursue an MSN in Admin and consider an LTHET packet for USAGPAN, but like what Pixie said I will see where life takes me as well. I just wanted a back up plan just in case CRNA doesn't workout
  2. RayRN87

    Army Reserve Nursing

    possibly, but the 50% (constructive credit) starts at the time you get your BSN - so you might come in as an O-1 but you will qualify for special pay with your CCRN so keep that up and goodluck!
  3. RayRN87

    GI bill

    I will be doing active duty for the army soon, currently on my 2nd year as a reservist but my ultimate goal is crna. It is a great plan that you are pursuing a master's in another field just in case crna doesn't workout but how are things going for you ? Just wanted to follow up cause I had the same plan in mind - best of luck
  4. RayRN87

    Med school drop out, now a CRNA. ask me anything...

    how did you prepare for the GRE? any test materials you recommend over the other? also awesome story and congrats
  5. RayRN87

    AMEDD 2018 66s

    JLB, I am currently in the same position, I've been in USAR for almost 2 years but I started an active duty packet sometime in March, 2018. The G1 signed my dd368 and my recruiter told me my "unofficial" scroll was approved June 30th. I will be going in as a 66S as well, It's been a month and I haven't heard anything back ( total 5 months ) yet. I was wondering what happened with your situation and how long your whole process took - thank you for sharing and best of luck. And also congrats !
  6. RayRN87

    High School Senior Interested in the Military

    It's great you are thinking about this at a young age. If you have the opportunity to pursue BSN right after high school, I would take that and run with it. You can use enlistment as a back-up plan. If your finances/parents can help you with school and getting your BSN then that is the best option, IMO. Plus you will come in to the military with a higher rank and better opportunities for your nursing career. Best of luck
  7. RayRN87

    Army nurse reserves

    I was in your situation not so long ago, so I will try my best to answer these questions but ditto to Jfratian's responses 1. If you work every other weekend at your regular job, and you drill one weekend a month, does that mean you only have one weekend free per month? My employer/manager counts my drill weekend as a work weekend so I have 2 free weekends a month, but as an ICU nurse I don't mind working weekends especially on day shift (less traffic) 2. Do you plan to stick with it for 20+ years? Yes, I love the military environment, but I am working on an active duty packet so if it is not too late for you and you don't have children this would be a perfect opportunity to consider Active Duty (you can retire earlier with Active Duty Service) 3. Did you have difficulty transitioning back to your civilian job after returning from deployment? (I have never mobilized, it is for the most part voluntary in our unit because we are a backfill batallion. I have done training for 30 days and coming back to civilian job was not a problem) 4. Anyone have any regrets on joining? Anyone here love the reserves and would stay in it for as long as they can? Only regret is not going Active Duty from the start of my military career, but I have made many friends and mentors and enjoyed my 2 years as a Reservist 5. During drill weekends, are you working as a nurse or attending classes moreso? This is unit-dependent but no nurse work. We follow a training schedule and they give us allotted times for section training. So basically there is an ICU platoon, Auxillary Platoon, Med-surg platoon, etc. 6. I've never lived far away from my family. Being in the reserves would keep me close to them, but during deployment I am a little bit afraid of the homesickness aspect. Anyone want to share on their experience with that? My biggest struggle was leaving the family behind occasionally facetiming them helped, plus you will probably be too consumed with the duties and new environment that time will just fly 7. Is passing the GI bill along to your kids/future kids an option? Yes if you get deployed/mob for more than 90 days 8. Does drill weekend pay cause any financial hardship for you? I live in a state with a very high cost of living, and minusing one weekend a month of my civilian pay would make things slightly more difficult for me. No it does not but drill weekend is less pay. But for me it is like a mental break from civilian life because I am doing non-nursing related things and more soldier oriented-tasks. My reserve unit pays for mileage and gives us a hotel to stay for drill weekend, but this is all dependent on budget and what unit you are in. 9. For the single people, who handles your finances/bills when you're on deployment? Do you rent out your home during that time? Or you just find a family member/friend to handle it for you? I don't want to burden anyone with those kinds of things. I guess I could find a property manager temporarily if I need to? I would stick with a family member to handle it, IMO 10. For the ladies, did you take birth control during deployment to prevent your period? Or did you just deal with it? N/A Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions and best of luck
  8. I know this is an old post but is a leadership and management master's program the same as a MSN in Administration? Also did you ever complete your program at WGU or any new thoughts or feedback on it? Thank you
  9. Is an MSN degree in Leadership and Management the same as an MSN in Administration? I've seen it offered in different universities but not both, so I am assuming it is an interchangeable term. I am looking into the program at WGU and it is appealing for my situation, but they only have MSN in Leadership and Management (not administration). I eventually want to become a director or have an advanced leadership role for nursing once I am done with bedside. Also debating on a dual MSN/MBA program but the price and length may not be worth it. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or advice - thanks.
  10. RayRN87

    Army Nurse Corps acceptance

    Congrats Sam, you seem like a highly competitive candidate. 3.8 GPA and certified in your MOS is legit. Will you be coming in as a 1LT (O-2) with time in grade? The only thing I can recommend is excellent letters of recommendation from your manager, director and charge nurse. The downside and sometimes a good thing with the military is you pretty much have to just hurry up and wait. Just get your packet squared away and then wait for your recruiter to give you the green light. Once you are selected you have to wait to for scroll approval and from there you commission and your military journey starts!
  11. Thank you Neats. I'm actually looking into dual MSN/MBA programs if anyone has any recommendations or if it is worth doing that instead of just an MS in Administration. I wanted to use TA as well if it is concurrent or is it added after my initial active duty contract is completed? Anyways thanks again everyone for all the feedback/advice
  12. Thank you Ma'am. What school and how long did it take? Also does military like informatics or admin more ? Or it doesn't matter? Thank you again
  13. Wow congrats and thank you for the input Jfration. Honestly I'd be more interested in admin although it does seem saturated, bottom line it's a masters and if you bring that to civilian sector it's easily a six figure salary on top of your military experience. What school did you choose if you don't mind me asking and also how long did it take for you. Were you able to do some work during deployments or they allowed you to take a break? Thanks again