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Is an MSN degree in Leadership and Management the same as an MSN in Administration? I've seen it offered in different universities but not both, so I am assuming it is an interchangeable term. I am looking into the program at and it is appealing for my situation, but they only have MSN in Leadership and Management (not administration).

I eventually want to become a director or have an advanced leadership role for nursing once I am done with bedside. Also debating on a dual MSN/MBA program but the price and length may not be worth it. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or advice - thanks.

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The curricula of various schools can be vary different ... but generally, the "leadership/management" tracks are close to the same thing as "Nursing Administration." However, a lot of times ... "Leadership and Management" programs are a bit more general in nature, preparing people for a wider variety of leadership-type roles, such as the coordination of a particular project or program rather then the tradition role of head nurse, manager, director, CNO, etc. A MSN in Nursing Administration will probably (but not necessarily) be more focused on those traditional roles in Nursing Administration, with an emphasis on personnel management, unit management, budgeting, etc.

The MSN/MBA programs have traditionally been the "top of pile" programs, combining nursing leadership and administration courses with coursework in overall business administration. They are generally considered the best preparation for Nursing Administration positions in large health care systems -- and for people who may want to expand beyond nursing into other aspects of the health care industry. Some people also combine and MSN in Nursing Admin with a Masters in Health Service Administration.

Any of the degrees above can be of good quality -- or of bad quality -- depending on the quality of the particular school. Choose the program that best matches your particular long term career interests.

I finished my MSN ML at whose format was perfect.last year. ML teaches soft skills as well as introduces you to business concepts. This year I will complete the MBA HA which offers a more financial approach. Since I have completed my MSN I will have less classes to complete so hopefully can be done in 1 semester.

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