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  1. NightWatch

    First major error.

    I've been working as a nurse in California for almost 1 year. My nurse tech notified me that he was unable to get a temperature on my patient. It was a busy shift. I made a mental note to assess later. I wasn't until I got home and was called by my manager that I realized I never did check the temp. When they finally got a reading, she was 93-94F. When I returned to work she was transferred to ICU. My manager said she was obligated to let me know I have the right to union representation during our meeting in three days. I feel so guilty and numb. This was 100% due to my negligence. What use is having a union rep there's no way around what happened? Has anyone gone through this? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. NightWatch

    Sharp Memorial Hospital

    roser13, I have located one campus map online. However, it is difficult locating the all of the towers which is why I'm soliciting the information here.
  3. NightWatch

    Sharp Memorial Hospital

    Where are South, East, and West towers? In the newer building, there's the north tower. Is the east or west tower next to north?
  4. I'm located in Florida. Hospitals here are constantly hiring due to high turn-over rates. I'm from out of state and was interviewed and hired within 1 week of applying. The cost of living here can be lower depending on where you are now.
  5. I just finished my first year of med-surg and looking towards moving back to my home state. I'm writing my resume now and was wondering if it's too late to include volunteer/externship experiences back when I was in nursing school 2 years ago? Since I volunteered and did externships at the hospitals I'm applying to but it's been 2-5 years since.
  6. I suffer from TMJ issues leading the jaw tension, pain, masseter hyper trophy. Rather than spending time thousands each year at the doctors office/medical spa, is it possible to buy Botox legally for personal use? I know the regulations vary from state to state (I live in Florida and California). Is it possible with Botox certification?
  7. I'm currently working at my first nursing job at a med-surg unit. I can count on my preceptor to be a good reference. I'm considering volunteering at animal shelters/food pantries/other non-healthcare areas in order make connections and find references. Do hospitals find non-healthcare related references meaningful?
  8. I'm preparing to move from California to Florida for my first job and unsure of what I need to do. Currently, I'm living with my parents. I'm planning on driving there by myself with just clothing since my car is so small. The furthest I've driven is to the airport... I'm the only person in my family who has ever moved away. Things to do in California: Wait until CA sends license verification and endorsement paperwork is completed, make sure car paperwork/mechanics are ready to move, ask cell phone company (t-mobile) about how things will work with the move, and that's all I can think of. Things to do in Florida: Find an apartment, change permanent address with USPS, find car insurance and cancel California car insurance, and that's all I can think of. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. NightWatch

    How to endorse license from CA to FL?

    I applied for Florida RN license through endorsement two days ago. I haven't heard anything back or gotten any instructions. I believe I will need to get fingerprints done. Do I do that now or wait until I get instructions? What other steps do I need to take to expedite the process?
  10. Has anyone been accepted into Orlando Health System/ Dr. P. Philips Hospital new grad program? How do you like working there? How long is the contract? What's the nurse to patient ratio like? Any info would be helpful. Do far I believe that med/surg pay is around $22/hr, new grad training is 12 weeks, ICU positions require two year commitment, no relocation bonus...
  11. NightWatch

    Is it OK to contact recruiter?

    My friend works as an ICU New Grad RN in Orlando. I believe she makes around $25 per hour, not including night and weekend differential.
  12. NightWatch

    New Grad - Just got a job at Starbucks. Help.

    Hi Everyone. Thank you so much for your advice. After much thinking, I decided to quit Starbucks. There were too many schedule conflicts that didn't allow me to fully pursue nursing, like having time to attend job fairs. For now, I'll just have to find whatever ways to make money until I find a RN position. I'm also going to start applying out of state. Again, thank you and good luck!
  13. NightWatch

    when to start studying for NCLEX

    My recommendation is to start studying even before you graduate. Many of my classmates took and passed the NCLEX within weeks of graduation. Most of them found new grad positions not too long after that. It really depends on how you pace yourself and how you study. It may take time to find a new grad position so having your license ASAP would help.
  14. NightWatch

    Head to Toe Assessment

    This is my full head to toe assessment that I used during clinical. My instructor was able to do all of this in less than 10 minutes. I would probably take 10-15 minutes. Neuro LOC/AAO x3 balance/gait/coordination sensory/thought process PERRLA Cranial Nerves: symmetry, tone, pain Cardiac heart sounds, pulses capillary refill, perfusion ekg edema laboratory blood pressure skin temperature Pulmonary breath sounds respiratory rate and effort depth/symmetry coughing sputum spO2 blood gases use of O2 delivery Gastrointestinal bowel sounds, appetite abdomen: appearance, distention, masses Last BM, difficulties tubes and drain NVD I and O Genitourinary urinary frequency, characteristics foley assessment skin appearance bladder distention urinalysis I and O LMP IV Assessments check surrounding skin check IV fluids running in, check patency flush and pull back check correct IV fluid and rate Check IV tubing date, dressing, intactness check awareness of IV Skin issues back moistness
  15. Any advice would be much appreciated. I don't know what to do. I feel trapped and anxious. I'm 6 months post-grad in Southern California. I've have been applying to jobs in CA for the past 2 months with no responses so far. Due to tight finances, I thought I'd get a part time job at Starbucks. I just finished my second week training and found out the scheduling is very inflexible for first 90 days. I can't make my schedule nor can I request days off. Which means a lot of my time is devoted to not applying to nursing jobs. Am I making a wrong career move by working at Starbucks and further delaying my entry into nursing? I don't have any nursing prospects so this job is bringing in some financial help. But I fear that soon I'll be a stale new grad and stuck making coffee. Stay at Starbucks and put in less effort into applying to nursing jobs. OR. Quit Starbucks after just two weeks and commit fully to nursing job hunt but minimal finances. I need to make a choice very soon. Any input would be very helpful. ty.