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  1. Ivyleaf: I am in the same position as you. I started a job this week and I'm not sure if this is what I really want to do. I've had the job since July and didn't get to start until this week and I'm already rethinking my decision. I have 2 interviews...
  2. What to do, Please help!!!

    Hello all! Hope all of you are having a good day! Ok, so here is my dilemma. I start a new job tomorrow at 8 am. I love this job and have wanted it for a while. I've had alot of time off (since June) and I have casually looked for jobs here and there...
  3. Quintiles Clinical Research

    Hello all! I live in the Kansas City area and applied to Quintiles for the position of a clinical data coordinator that requires an RN degree. Has anyone worked for Quintiles or know of someone that has? I just don't know much about this company and ...
  4. LNC Interview

    This particular position said no experience as an LNC is required, just nursing clinical experience
  5. LNC Interview

    Hello all! I have a quick question: I have a phone interview with a law firm this week for an LNC position. This is the first time I have applied for this type of position. Any insight as to what kind of questions they'll ask? Also, what is a typica...
  6. Questions about Research Nursing

    ResearchNurseRNCCRC: I am from KC and I have an interview at KUMC today for a research nurse position. Do you work at the westwood campus mostly? Thanks!!!
  7. I'm in the process of doing the same! I've joined LinkedIn, a professional networking website. This has helped me apply to a few jobs. I'd give that a try!
  8. How to follow up after resume submission?

    Hello all! I need some advice. I have allowed to an orthopaedic surgery center and I really want this job, from the description, it sounds like something that I would love. I submitted a resume online, and I have called and left a message on someone'...
  9. Where to start? Advice please!

    Hi!I'm really interested into getting into nursing research. How do I start? Is working for a university hospital vs. a company like Quintiles better? or vise versa? How did you get started? Any advice is appreciated!!!:)
  10. quintiles

    hello! i am just wondering if anyone has ever worked for a big research corporation like quintiles? do you prefer some place like this or a university hospital? i have both in my area and am wanting to apply for nurse research positions. any input wo...
  11. burned bridges what to put on job application

    that happened to me. i was let go and i just explained to my other jobs that i wasn't a good fit. that's really what my boss told me, so it was the truth. nurses are in need everywhere and i've had 2 jobs since that job. no worries :)
  12. Wanting to go in Research Nursing

    Sorry I emailed you bc this website won't let me pm!
  13. Wanting to go in Research Nursing

    Sorry I would pm you but I don't know how!! Haha
  14. Wanting to go in Research Nursing

    Hello! Thanks for the reply. Yes please private message me and tell me all about research. I work in Kansas City
  15. really interested in research nursing! have been an RN since 2008 and have worked in 2 ambulatory surgery centers and now in the main OR at a hospital. how can i obtain a research nursing job? please help! any advice is appreciated!!! research nurses...