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  1. If you went to WGU and then on to NP school, where?

    I researched this subject greatly, so for the future people who read this thread..............Im a British trained RN with = GPA to 3.0 I graduated WGU after nearly 3 years ( I had a lot to do because no one recognizes my UK stuff) in Feb 2016. I s...
  2. Should I disclose a medical condition?

    I have been hospitalized several times in the last few years. I am not under treatment, and no longer being investigated, and need no accommodations. Next week I have a pre-employment physical. What MUST I disclose? Do I have to even disclose my meds...
  3. New Cath lab job

    Can anyone point me to an up to date text / website where I might learn some basic stuff that I need to learn quickly? I start a Cath lab job in 2 weeks and would like to start looking at stuff that will help me daily. I have many years critical car...
  4. I just submitted my application for FNP at Frontier............just wondered if anyone else here has? Felix
  5. Which NP Track? FNP or Psych

    I am thinking of going to NP school and am torn between doing FNP with a Mental health cert added on, or Psyche with FNP add on if thats possible? Bottom line is Im not certain which I want to do........perhaps both. I've read of at least one person ...
  6. FNP Vs Psych NP

    So after 25years in nursing, mostly in ER / Transport I'm now planning on eventually going back to school to do my NP. Im debating between FNP vs Psych NP and there's a variety of reasons for that. I've seen at least one program that has a dual track...
  7. Switch to Mental health nursing

    So I was offered the per diem position, and there's a fair chance I will be offered the position FT. Either way, this is a HUGE change for me. How can I prepare myself for this new role? Are there any books you'd recommend either for some background ...
  8. Preparation for a Pediatric ER position

    Thanks, that will be easy........Ive worked Peds for 10 years
  9. Switch to Mental health nursing

    Thanks for all the encouragement.........I do in fact have an interview next week for a unit behaviorally challenged children and teens, for a per diem position. Felix
  10. Preparation for a Pediatric ER position

    I have an interview coming up for a Peds ER........I've worked peds and adult ER before, probably around 7 years total..........but way in the past now. Im just trying to think of what sort of questions get asked these days, Im a little out of practi...
  11. Could use some advice on how to do this

    Rock nurse - I've been flying off and on for nearly 15 of my 25yrs as an RN - we have very similar backgrounds. As I understand it there are a couple of programs that use NPs and certainly I;ve flown with a couple who flew per diem. You will hear a l...
  12. Clinic RN / Primary Care?

    Thanks for this.......Im actually shadowing next week
  13. Clinic RN / Primary Care?

    After 25years nursing in critical care / transport / ER I have an interview coming up in a Peds Primary care clinic. Im thinking of going to NP school in future to work in such a place as an FNP.........I want to see if I would like it or if I would ...
  14. Clinic RN / Primary Care?

    I am thinking of applying to NP school after many years in Critical care / transport. As preparation for the completely different change in working condition and roles I am thinking of going to work in a M-F 8-5 clinic, as this is what I will be aimi...
  15. Switch to Mental health nursing

    So how likely am I to get hired for a per diem role? Most other per diems in nursing need experience before getting hired, is this not the case in mental health? To me that would be ideal way to suss out if its really where I'd like to be but I didnt...