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  1. CCRN study tools

    Hi! Did they still have swan ganz questions? Didn’t they remove it?
  2. CCRN exam 2020 curriculum

    I used to stalk posts about NCLEX 8 years ago, now here I am stalking CCRN exams! 🥰 has anybody here signed up for Laura Gasparis ccrn review recently? What year was it recorded and is it REALLY according to the 2020 exam? My coworker had a dvd, but ...
  3. passed nclex-rn at 265!

    Yup! Sat there for 5 and 1/2 hours! Like others, I've always checked for posts about their success stories and i can't believe I'm posting one right now! Studied for a month and a half, the whole month I've been working full time and then i resigned ...
  4. passed nclex-rn at 265!

    Did you check yor results already? Because i was also pretty sure i failed and was surprised. Lol.
  5. passed nclex-rn at 265!

    Thank you! :)
  6. NCLEX Study Guide Question

    It should be supine. Never prone!
  7. Failed nclex in 75 questions. Take NCLEX tomorrow!!

    Good luck! Let us know how it went! :-)
  8. My journey.... hoping to help you guys out there.....

    Congrats on passing! :-) does anybody know what percentage should you get for pda by lacharity?
  9. i need your advice if i have to reschedule

    Your scores are really good! You're never going to feel prepared for nclex even if you are so might as well just take it!
  10. NCLEX RN failed at 265 questions

    Personally, I wouldn't take the job if it's a full time. I currently work full time as a restorative aide and get so tired afterwards that i can't focus on studying. I failed my first attempt and I keep asking why. My kaplan scores were around the 60...
  11. Failed in Hurst Review

    I haven't read any recommended score from Hurst however, according to them, the median score of their test takers who passed were 85/125.
  12. Failed in Hurst Review

    What were your scores in the practice exams?
  13. administering O2

    I am confused between Kaplan and Saunders. According to Kaplan, nurse should administer O2 prior to calling the physician bec u have to assume that there's an order for everything. While Saunders says notify physician first to obtain order for O2. So...
  14. Kaplan Q trainer

  15. New York Nclex Licensure Application - from philippines

    No not at all. You can even go over the notes as you take the exam I think. It's almost like common sense.
  16. been 4 weeks .. havent received att yet ! help !!

    Thanks for the heads up!! I'll call them first thing on Monday!
  17. New York Nclex Licensure Application - from philippines

    You can take it online and they wil send you your certificate after you pass the course. You don't need IELTS as far as I know because I never took it. Are you here as an immigrant?
  18. been 4 weeks .. havent received att yet ! help !!

    We have the same exact problem and on the same state I actually thought I wrote this thread haha. I was hoping to receive mine in 2 weeks as most people say but im three weeks in and still waiting. Let us know how it went!
  19. Rutgers Review or Kaplan for NCLEX-RN?

    Kaplan focuses on strategy and I assume rutgers focuses on content. I'm taking kaplan now and they have really good lecturers and the qbanks are SO worth it but honestly I think I made the wrong call because i need to work on content.
  20. Airway Or Circulation

    Depends on the situation. On that one, you have to follow CAB and get to the MI patient first.
  21. nclex stress reduction ideas

    Get a massage and then stay in and watch a movie! :-)
  22. Were you able to pay?
  23. can you guys share your experience?

    How was the nclex? Was it really THAT hard? How was your SATA? :-)
  24. Help - copy of clinical rotation schedule

    i think it would be the same as the cases we needed to graduate. that's what i was told.
  25. Just want to share, when i was in east ave., there were doctors from india and america who were practicing and im certain they did not have a philippine license. they don't even know how to speak in filipino.