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Kldrn9963 has 18 years experience as a MSN and specializes in nicu management.

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  1. Kldrn9963

    Skin to skin after delivery

    What practice does your hospital follow for skin to skin after delivery? Do you continuously monitor the baby on a pulse ox? How often do you get vital signs in the baby? How long to you keep them skin to skin? Does a staff member stay in the room at all times with the mom and baby? Have you had any difficulty with your process? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Kldrn9963

    Maternal mandatory drug screening

    Does any have any hospital protocols/policies they would be willing to share with me?
  3. Kldrn9963

    Unlicensed personnel

    In newborn nursery, does anyone routinely use unlicensed personnel (techs, CNAs) in their staffing matrix? We do not do couplet care and staff only rn's currently in the nursery. If you do use unlicensed personnel, do you care to share your staffing ratios? Thank you!
  4. Kldrn9963

    NICU laundry

    we wash our own in our washer.
  5. Kldrn9963

    Newborn cribs

    Curious what kind of cribs every uses for their newborns. We have steel and are considering going to wood for the "homey feel". Any experiences with wood versus steel? I think infection control may have an issue with wood?
  6. Kldrn9963

    Security on Mother Baby Unit

    We are a locked down unit using the HUGS security system. We monitor and screen all visitors. We drill once a year.
  7. Kldrn9963

    newborn readmits back to NICU

    Does anyone readmit newborns from home back into their NICU? If you do, can you please share your criteria/policies with me? Our neos feel NICU RNs better care for these infants than the ped floor. Wanted to know what everyone else does. My email is: kiml.dethridge@gmail.com Thanks!
  8. Just curious how many units are placing infants in Kangaroo Care right after birth and doing the initial assessment on mom's chest. We do not routinely do this at our hospital and many nurses do not want to do this because they feel they cannot do an accurate assessment while in kangaroo care. For those hospitals already doing this, have you ran into any issues from this practice? Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. Kldrn9963

    Prevention of IVH

    Looking into a making a care bundle for the prevention of IVH. All of the literature states babies are at higher risk 33 weeks and below. It also suggests keeping the baby supine and head midline for 72 hours. Just want to know how other units carry this through. Seems difficult to not let parents hold their stable 32 weeker for the first 3 days to accomplish this.
  10. Recently administration has told us we have to use bedside medication scanning on ALL of our newborn meds. Newborn admission meds have been problematic (vit k & erythromycin) We have a huge disconnect between pharmacy, IT and nursing staff and are running into various issues to make this successful. How are your facilities doing this with success? By the time pharmacy verifies the meds and they are loaded on the EMAR, our allotted time frame to administer these meds has lapsed. What is your process that works well?